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The most common 18 inch doll pattern material is cotton.

Doll Bib Pattern
I watched several you-tube videos on the stitch and while there are a few different variations, the stitch is generally crocheted the same. Some people work a chain stitch between scales and others end the rows a little differently. If you are learning this stitch for the first time, you may find this instructional post and video helpful as you learn the stitch. The crocodile stitch is easy once you get the hang of working the base rows and scale rows.I hope you enjoy crocheting the baby bib pattern and working the crocodile stitch. Turning your work so you are on the side to work down the first post. Continue in pattern to the end of the row. No commercial sales or use of this pattern or photos are permitted. Should it always be ch1 or always be ch2, or is it really better to just chain 1 for row 2 only?

Best wishes on working the pattern and please let me know if you find any more issues with the pattern.

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How To Sew A Doll Bib

How to sew a quick doll bib out of flannel.

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