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My daughter was thrilled since we had exhausted all other options and she thought that she had lost out on the opportunity to own this doll. This doll is my daughters favorite and she carries it with her everywhere. Even though you might be able to find a cheaper price, all the gas and running around for it makes this buy a good one. She wanted this specific doll (she saw the picture on a box).They had this doll but not with this hairstyle. Why do they put pictures on the boxes and then not sell those that are pictured?

Seriously, she's the most adorable little babe. It was in the expected condition that a new doll would be in and it arrived sooner than expected. Legs have paw prints, and torso has paw prints with dance move diagram symbols and arrows. Thank you for having the doll in stock, my daughter will be thrilled when her birthday rolls around in a few weeks!

This dance diva sports a frightfully fab pink belt and kickin’ blue high tops with matching pink laces. She tops off her creepy-chic look with gore-geous pink pigtails that will have any audience shrieking with approval. Your own ghoul will love rockin’ out with this ultra-fierce doll - she’s fully articulated for lots of different dance poses!

Wolf totally tears it up in a hip hop outfit, featuring paw-print capris and a one-shoulder top with a wild, colorful pattern. Wolf will rock her dance class and the club floor in these frightfully trendy hip hop fashions!

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Diy How To Make Doll Classroom Back To School Handmade Doll Crafts

by request: Summer School is in XD... Check out this FABSOME new Doll Classroom your dolls will LOVE!!

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