She lived in a nice house and had everything she needed except someone to play with. Edith looked into the garden and there stood two bears!

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With simple poses and wonderful expressions, the cast of characters is vividly brought to life to tell a story of friendship. She started her career as a photographer's fashion model, then went around to the other side of the camera and became a highly successful freelance photographer. Reviewers: read more, write less - the book is wonderful and your opinions are not. This is nothing you need to hide from them!I never got tired of reading it as a child.

I was thrilled to find it in print again and get it for my granddaughter. Quite frankly, the whole series is a little creepy. Small children don't have the life experiences to see it as an adult does, so you can buy it for the little ones and read it but keep in mind it is odd, to say the least. Bought it for my granddaughters and read it to my two sons. Has simple lessons/stories about being kind, how to treat other people and most of all how famlies treat each other.

Quiet Book Doll House And More

My biggest quiet book with doll house and a lot of smart activities for kids!!!

Love it!!

By Rodidees!!!

I kept checking that same book out over and over.

We talk about how things were different when these books were written. This book was sent overseas and still arrived early!

My Disney Descendants Collection!

Over Dolls, Books, Posters & More!

My entire collection in one video!

Through these past three years, I've collected over 160 Descendants dolls and anything and ...

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