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Doll Forest Mexico
Frida's, not this doll with light-coloured eyes," she said.

I would be sewing the special outfits and tripping over well loved barbies. My girls love this simple trick, and it totally works!

The barbies look so cute all dressed up and hair done.I would love for you to grab a cup of coffee and stay a while.

You can actually give your dolls a “perm” by braiding or rolling their hair in curlers then dipping the hair in very hot water for 30-45 seconds and then letting it dry completely.

I have molly, and her hair is ‘textured’ as they say in the american girl store and i wasn’t supposed to take the braids out.

I remember taking bobby pins (our size) and rolling the hair in them. Try not getting a fish-hook at the end or the strand!

I would usually squeeze the excess water out and then let it dry naturally with the curlers in places.

Haunted Doll Island Mexico ( Isla De Las Muñecas )

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Twist hair before wrapping around curler for spiral curls.

I don’t feel like my daughter’s collection is so bad, lol!

But if you do it once a month its fine, the hair smoothes out.

I know you posted this several months ago, but your comment took my attention. If you want to try the strainghtening iron, do not hold the barbie’s hair too long with it, just slice it gently along a thin lock. Also you should test your iron on an old doll or sinthetic hair that you wouldn’t miss later. Always try first the lowest temperature, perhaps it will work for you. On another note, luckily my daughter hasn’t frizzed her barbies yet.

I will definitely do this with her ponies, they were ” hand me downs” from friends of mine so their hair is in terrible shape. Don’t force your racial issues on a child. Are white people the only ones that need to be more open-minded?

She sewed the doll a wedding dress that matched mine. Thanks for sharing the tips on how to fix her hair!

My daughter loves brushing her dolls’ hair.

I then comb it out, roll it in tiny perm rods and dunk in boiling water. Works great on their baby doll hair as well. It takes a little elbow grease, but synthetic hair doesn’t actually like bar soap. Fabric softener can remove it as well, but it also has chemicals that will continue to wipe off of the doll and onto the kids hands, which can end up in little mouths.

I also prefer to use pure coconut oil instead of baby oil which is a very common allergen. It would be worth so much agony to spritz barbie with it gently before little miss hair stylist goes to town on prettifying the poor doll. Takes a bit of practice but totally worth it. Hope someone finds that of some use, anyway!

Shouldn’t we teach them that all hair types are beautiful?

I didn’t figure in the fact that the scotch tape wouldn’t stick once it got wet.

Smokey Bear

forest mexico haunted doll island me
I just simply shampooed them and it was amazing the difference.

I need to remove the frizz from the pin curl on a vinatge doll. My teenage sister used to iron her hair on the ironing board.

I liked how the hair looked underwater, but the hair certainly didn’t like it. They frizzed like crazy after a while and lost part of their shine and smoothness. It trully worked wonders, made the hair very shiny and very soft and smooth.

I must say, though, that it didn’t work so impressively for all dolls. It certainly made them look better though.

I totally agree with their hair looking better under water. And yeah the hair looked cool under water but wa always awful after it came out. Wet the doll’s hair, smear on a drop of conditioner, and comb.

Doll Forest Mexico

We had these mannequin heads for practicing various things and the softener worked like a charm.

I would wet the hair, detangle it and set it in rollers…maybe 2 or 3 per doll and let it air dry for a whole day. It’s a detangler for horses but does wonderful on doll hair.

You can get it t any tack store or order it online. And with new clothes they get a completely unique doll!

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Mexico Haunted Island Of Dolls Thousands Of Dolls Hang From Trees Began As Memorial To Drowned Girl

Hundreds of photographers and thrill-seekers travel to the haunted Island of the Dolls every year, but it was never meant to be a ...

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