Whether leaping through the air or twirling with amazing speed, ballerinas are beautiful to watch. Barbie ballerina doll is dressed in a ballet outfit perfect for the stories you choreograph!

Doll Ballerina Outfit
A sheer matching tutu dotted with sparkles can be removed to go from class to the stage. Put on her tiara and get ready to perform!

Ballet arms help to create pretty poses and a polished ponytail is a chic dancer look. Young dancers will love choreographing dances and stories for this beautiful ballerina doll.Celebrate a first class, first recital or first ballet. Whether gracing the stage or pirouetting into a scene, she's ready for you to start the show!

A matching removable tiara and attached toe shoes (with detailed painted tights) complete the prima ballerina look. With a polished ponytail and posed arms, this dancer won't miss a step.

I shop throughout the year to find good deals on toys, school supplies, and personal care items. The colors really pop and and she has gorgeous hair to style.

Ballet Tutu / Outfit Doll Sewing Tutorial

Hi guys!

In today's video we're making this Ballet tutu for dolls^^ I used a Barbie, but you can use whatever doll you want. This diy ...

Definitely recommend for that special child in your life, or to donate to various children's charities. The arms and legs are hard plastic and do not bend. The barbies legs are super stiff but that helps with her ballet poses.

I will never give my daughter something like this. My daughter really loves this one, especially because she has brown hair like her.

I knew the clothing would be fused plastic. The legs are also hard unbendable plastic that feels kind of cheap. This sort of doll shouldn't be more than five bucks in my opinion. It's not much better than what you'd expect from the dollar tree.

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Baby Doll Ballet Class With Dress Up Ballerina And Gymnastics Clothes!


Let's play baby doll school class and school lunch with play food and kitchen toys. American girl dolls dress up for ballet class at ...

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