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It turns out beautiful and is great for an average day. It is also a hairstyle that tends to look better the messier it gets, which makes it ideal for a long day. This tutorial will show you how to make 3 types of fishtail braids. It will also give you some idea on variations. Take a thin strand of hair from the left section.
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It will now become part of the right section. Move your hands up as far as they can go. The tighter you make your braid, the better; you can always tousle it for a messier look later. Take a thin strand from the right section. Pull the thin strand up and across the right section. Keep alternating sides until you reach the end of your hair. Wrap a hair tie around the end of your hair. If you want, you can take a strand of hair, and wrap it around the hair tie to hide it. Create a tousled braid by rubbing it between your hands.

You may want to skip this if your hair has lots of layers; it may end up loosening and getting tousled on its own. Pull up a thin strand from the left side of your head. Pull the thin strand across the left section and towards the right. It will be a part of the right section from now on. Pull a thin strand of hair from the right side of your head. Make sure that this strand is the same distance from the center of your head as the strand you pulled from the left side. Pull it across the right section and towards the left. It will be a part of the left section from now on. This section should be equal in size to the first section you pulled up. Fold it across to the left side as you did with the first center section. Keep alternating sides until you reach the base of your head. At this point, you can tie your hair off, or keep braiding it. Continue braiding your hair in the fishtail fashion. Create a messy fishtail braid by gently tugging on the edges. Keep in mind that if you have lots of layers in your hair, the braid will become messy on its own.

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You can also use clear ones if you can't find any that match your hair.

You will be making several topsy-turvy ponytails, right after the other, so make sure that you have enough. This braid will work best on longer hair. It may not work very well on hair that is shorter than the upper arm. Try to make the ponytail as close to the base of your head as possible, but don't make it too tight. Start by slipping your pointer and middle fingers through your hair, right above the elastic. Split your fingers apart, creating a hole. Pull the ponytail over the elastic and down through the hole. Tie another elastic around your hair a few inches down from the first 1. If you have thin or fine hair, tie the elastic closer to the first 1. If you have thick hair, tie it a little bit further away.

Doll Fin Fish Video

Slip your fingers through your hair, just above the elastic, and make another hole. Keep doing this until you have only a few inches of your hair left.

You can do this by gently tugging on strands of hair to fluff them out a little. Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail, and pulling it either to the left or right of your neck. Fishtail braid your hair as usual and tie it off. Snip the clear elastic off when you are done. Try making a topsy-turvy ponytail before you start doing the fishtail braid. Slip your fingers up through your hair, right between the nape and the elastic.

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Use a clip or barrette to cover up the hair tie.

You can also tie a ribbon over the hair tie in a bow. This can help make your braid more interesting and complete your outfit. Roll your braid into a bun at the nape of your neck. This will be especially effective if you have really long hair. Add some colored hair extensions before you start braiding your hair. This will give your braid a spark of color, and make it look more interesting. Simply separate out a strip of hair and create a regular fishtail braid.

You want to pull thinner pieces from the sections to cross over to the other side.

You can also wet your hair, and brush it out as you wet it, but don't dry it. Just squeeze some water out to make sure it's still straight.Make sure that you braid it while it's wet, and then your hair will dry into the braid, so it won't look bad. Make two pigtails, one on each side of your head. Just make a regular fishtail braid, then twist the braid into a knot and secure it with a hair tie.

You can also make two fishtail braids, twist them together, and then twist the whole thing up for a more elaborate bun. These two braided hairdos look great with hair pins and earrings. Remove a thin piece of hair from the left section, no thicker than about 1/2 an inch, then pull the strand up and over the left section to tuck it under the right section.

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Next, remove a different piece of hair from the right section to move to the left section in the same way. Gently tug on the strands to tighten them, and alternate strands from each side of hair until you reach the end. At the end, secure the braid with a ponytail holder!

It's better to make a tight braid first and tousle it later, than making a loose braid. Make sure that your hair is firm and not slippery!

This fishtail braid is super, super easy. Experience the propulsion and durability of our best monofins yet. Glide through the water with more speed and less effort. Can be used alone or with one of our swimmable mermaid tails!

If anything, both situations should be added to the long list of arguments against humans having dolphin-assisted births. Her fifth leg protrudes from her shoulder and neck area.