The answer is literally spelled out but turns on a proper translation. He is, or contains within himself, the substance of creation.

Doll Divine Lotr
The ring has no effect on him because the ring has nothing to offer him; time is already immortal, and neither good nor evil. This again puts him at an abstract level. Tom, the ring has no power over the reader despite its evil nature. Due to this whole lack of evil, he would not be corrupted by anything-and thus the stresses and weights on other living things would not affect him.His resistance for the ring leads from the already split in half pure minded being, the ring can’t affect him, because all the evil what is left, is in the forest itself. Initial “the” and “a” and “an” are ignored, and entries for “real people” are listed by last name. Also, many of the company names, character names, and equipment names are trademarks of their respective holders; please respect their rights to their intellectual property. A well-executed dark twist on the princess concept. Just because it’s a thing that happens fairly often does not mean that its true. And on top of that there’s only one skin tone.
The creators I used were LOTR/Hobbit, The Tudors, and Hogwarts Scene Maker. All of which can be found at

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I created these on Doll Divine. The doll makers I used were The Tudors, LOTR/Hobbit maker, the Pixie Maker, X-Girl, the Mermaid …

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