cicciobello Stars month

Cicciobello Bua needs your care.
Her cheeks are all red, with the cute misuragli fever thermometer, Syrup or vitamins? What is the right treatment to cure him? Try it with drugs or tries to calm him down with a bottle of milk and honey. And if your Cicciobello Bua does not improve, perhaps it takes a little pinprick.
You’ll see that with your love of mom and lots of cuddles at the end Cicciobello will come back smiling.
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Giochi Preziosi Cicciobello Bua

  • 49,00 x 31,00 x 19,00 cm

Giochi Preziosi Cicciobello Bua

Item Weight1.5 Kg
Product Dimensions51 x 32.5 x 20 cm
Pile3 AA batteries (type of battery required)
Age recommended by the manufacturer3 years and older
Item model number70056391
Educational ObjectivesLogical thinking, social behavior, combine
languageItalian, Italian translation
Model Number70056391
Assembly requiredNo
Batteries requiredYes
Batteries includedNo
Battery typeAA
Types of materialPlasticFabric
Instructions of maintenance materialCan be washed
Brand: Giochi Preziosi

Cicciobello Bua – Giochi Preziosi

Cicciobello Bua - Giochi Preziosi


4.0 Stars of 5

Well done

by mark

The doll is well made ​​and has several accessories. It needs batteries to work which, unfortunately, are not included.
My 3 year old daughter wanted for Christmas this game but he looked a little. The male of almost two years, however, a lot of fun. By removing the pacifier, the cicciobello cries and turns red. With the bottle with the syringe or pacifier back quietly. I recommend it but beware of the price.
During the period of Christmas Amazon has changed the daily price fluctuations even with 30/40 $.

5.0 Stars of 5


by Marta

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nice toy and loved it so much as a gift for 5 years. It is very interactive and nn in the box there are no batteries.

5.0 Stars of 5

A birthday present Special

by a customer

Just arrived (after only 9 hours) and I have my daughter inizato to play and very often we enjoy being a doctor, a very suitable gift for girls aged 5 to 7 years.

5.0 Stars of 5

Cicciobello – Bua

by alessandra

Beautiful doll, fun for girls assured.
You really feel the doctors and with all accessories included can treat both their cicciobello bua that all their other dolls.

5.0 Stars of 5

cicciobello bua


My daughter loves it, but complains that is too heavy. WEIGHING ALMOST LIKE A REAL BABY. Everything works regularly.

4. 0 of 5 Stars

Thanks to the publicity

by Jurdan

Thanks to the advertising that bombards children on the classic TV channels for children, my daughter has asked Santa this doll, one of the most articulate of the family Ciccio Bello (cries, becomes red, screaming, and sleeping sucking depending on the state in which it is left – thank God also has a switch ONOFF under the jumpsuit). All in all a safe game and that helps Empowerment (and hence growth) of children between 3 and 6 years. Too bad for the price, I think a little oversized (between 50 and 65 $).

2.0 Stars of 5

Cicciobello bua

by knicop

Honestly It is a product that you can buy only on offer, is crazy to buy it at full price, emphasizing how significant the difference liraeuro, this doll costs $ 89 at full price ie almost 180. 000 pounds. This product is nothing more than a doll like the others, you do shut up when he cries with containers of syrup rather than opens to use the pacifier. I honestly disappointed by the value for money.
Luckily Amazon has reduced the price considerably compared to that of sale, otherwise I would have felt a lot of anger. Added on 02/21/2013
The product I purchased some defect has presented a few days later, I regularly sent in care Giochi Preziosi after three months and are still waiting for me riconsegnino. Assistance bad, I advise everyone not to buy products for Giochi Preziosi not run into similar problems. I contacted the call center to make it clear that they were products intended for children I am told that we are in the normal waiting times.

4.0 Stars of 5

good buy

by Antonio

I purchased this product for my granddaughter to do Santa Claus ,
I was sodisfatto recommend it to everyone because the price is also very good.

5.0 stars of 5


by Lello

everything ok, although I found Auchan to 10 euro less, but it was on offer, for the rest 10 species in the package.

5.0 stars of 5

Great Purchase

by Claudi

E come on time and corresponded to what advertised. It is excellent at the.
Missing batteries (3 AA). Fully functional.

4.0 stars of 5

Item As Described

by Juli

Article of excellent quality, with many accessories and finished in the details. Everything is as described, even if the price seems a bit exaggerated.

2.0 stars of 5

Ciccio Poor

by Luke

For my second child I cicciobello: the entry level model and the Snowflake poor Bua. I also have vintage Ciccio and I must say that the quality is greatly.

5.0 stars of 5

Very Satisfied.

by Paola

Quick delivery time. Great packaging.
Corresponding to the product description. Fun toy, my daughter is excited about it.

4.0 stars of 5

Not Recommended For Patofobici

by Massim

Beautiful, complete with accessories.
My daughter is very amused. A bit creepy when he cries, the fever, the medicines do not work and then is gone.

5.0 stars of 5

Cicciolbello Bua

by Maria

My daughter was very happy gift, and so, too. Working perfectly now sleeps in his bassinet in the room

5.0 stars of 5

Everything Perfect, Amazon Super Fast.

by Giuli

Much loved doll that I will never go out of fashion.
My daughter has wanted this year and after talking for a long long time.

4.0 stars of 5

Cicciobello Bua

by Francesco

I got this game for my daughter, had arrived cicciobello The promo is not working, but the service rendered amazon is excellent: the refund was immediate.

4.0 stars of 5

Cicciobello Bua

by Sara

the game has come in a short time, satisfied, especially my little girl loves it. Fully functional and also did well.