It's rhabdophobia betty and her eye isn't covered. Her favorite blue is dark blue (like her top).

She can be very badass though, but usually she is a very nice and kind little fox. Snowbell is less color, more white and grey. She likes the color blue very much, and almost every shade of it. Right now they are living at her adoptive parents childhood home.So now she takes care of her sister while her adoptive parents try to find them a better home. They became adopted and a couple years later, her new family lost their home to a fire. The non covered eye is pink, the other is red. Which symbolizes the fact that not only can she cause love. Cascade is a bit of a girly and sassy woman. She also has one of those hair styles where the braid goes through her hair.

Anabelle was name for her powers of love. Besides, it's not technically something you have drawn.

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