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Note the cover is caneled the 22nd not 27th as is the norm. Two covers one with blue handstamp cachet and one with magenta. Receiving stamp the same day on the front. Yokohama receiving stamp the same day on the back.I have not distinguished between envelope colors. However, some of the envelopes are different shades and perhaps the two different types of the 1939 basic envelope. On all envelopes the back flaps are sealed. The numbers listed below are mine and not a catalogue number. This series as well as the first series have been widely forged. Numerous covers (franked envelopes) and canceled stamps are presented in color with descriptive titles.

Face Stamps For Your Prima Dolls

I got these Peachy Keen Stamps at when the stamps were 40% off. One set is called Blushing Bride, the other is called ...

The cancels are categorized by date, type, office and color. The cancels cover the period from 1875 forward. Where known, the earliest and latest use of the cancel are reported. In the very early cancels this information is not actually on the cancel so the information is critical for dating stamps and covers with these cancels. This book is a useful tool as you can use it alongside the source book rather than flipping back an forth between the text and the translation at the rear of the book. The corners are bumped and cover edges scraped and lightly wrinkled. The notes were once tipped to booklet tabs at the left side of each note and evidence of that can be seen.

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Peechy Keen Prima Doll Face Stamp And Tips On How To Select The Perfect Match

In this video, I am reviewing the new Peachy Keen, Fashionista stamps.

I love these stamps for my prima dolls.

I also love that they ...

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