This beautiful girl came to the shelter as a stray. Black and brown tabby, very friendly, indoors, and litter box trained.

Doll Face Persian Rescue
White and tabby, very sweet, indoor, and litter box trained. White and tabby, very cute, a little shy, but indoors currently and litter box trained.

I am what you might like to call a romantic. He's a really sweet siamese color point cat.She would probably do best with a kitty sibling. Do you like really cute, playful and sweet kittens?

Danny is very timid, but warms up after some time.

I am a little reserved but am sweet and loving.

I am sweet and loving and love to play with other kitties. She has the most beautiful eyes and very unique coloring.

A nice man at the landfill saved my life. She loves to 'chirp' and talk with people. She is incredibly affectionate and loves to interact with people.

I was rescued along with my two sisters during the hurricane.

I was rescued from high flood waters along with my two siblings. He is full of love and energy and playfulness. He's very submissive and loves to be rubbed. He loves all animals except big dogs because they scare him. She loves everyone, just wants to be on your lap and just wants a home of her own. He has beautiful blue eyes and handsome markings on his fur. When he meets someone he likes, he will snuggle with you all day!

He has been fully vetted and ready for his forever home. She has an opinion about everything and loves loves loves attention. Let's help her in this slacking beauty session!

Help her cure all those awful things on her face, put some make up and new heroine clothes, then give some revenge to the super evil witch!

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Taking Care Of My Persian Cat

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We do not recommend giving your kitty canned food until they are closer to one year of age. It’s engineered to remove noises due to splashing and has a smart function that automatically turns off when not in use to save energy. Best of all, your pet can lop up clean, filtered water whenever the mood strikes. It’s super large capacity is big enough for 3 or 4 cats!

Microban antimicrobial protection that stops bacteria. Our all time favorite litter scooper!!!!!

Get yourself a clean empty squirt bottle, fill it with plain water and squirt kitty’s hind end when he or she attempts to display a behavior that is undesirable.

You can also use canned air; you know the type we use to clean our keyboard with. Kitty will learn after once or twice that behavior is a no-no!

Please keep in mind that the colors may vary somewhat depending on each cat’s individual genetics. Deaf kitties are the friendliest cats money can buy since the “fear-factor” is not present.

Doll Face Persian Rescue

You call their name by your sheer presence rather than a verbal name so they come running to you the moment they see you. Some white cats who have one copper eye and one blue eye may be deaf in the ear on the side of the blue eye. They prefer to be near humans for ongoing companionship. The points can also be tabby or tortoiseshell-patterned. They are not fighters nor streetwise as most feral cats. It can be administered by simply putting a few drops under their tongue or rubbed onto the cat’s teeth and gums using your finger. There are so many times we offer catnip to our kitties to reduce (and almost vanish) stress. Everything from bathing the kitty, going to the vet, thunderstorms the list goes on and on.

Barbie Hero Face Problem

We have discovered a product for colds that we swear by!

Now, as you know, it takes a lot for me to sing the praises of any particular product unless we wholeheartedly believe in it and trust it with cats and kittens.

We are by no means, saying that this product should substitute veterinarian care, but instead, we are saying it is an excellent product worth purchasing and having on hand should your furry friend ever catch a simple cold. Always seek medical attention if serious ailments arise. They are some of the absolute safest cat toys ever made!

Put the new kitten in a pet taxi/carrier and sit, he or she in front of your older cat.

You may still have a little arching of the older cats back and or a hiss or two, but that will fade in no time. Soon they will be snuggling up together, and you will wonder how they ever lived without each other. All three are safe, gentle, and effective; specifically created to remove unwanted tear stains from your cat’s coat. The amazing whitening powder actually helps repels tears to keep the area dry and to prevent the regrowth of tear stain-causing bacteria!!!

Eyes ” is a palatable chicken flavored powder that can be added to food or water.So when we say we are off to check on the furbs or we have a new litter of furbs, you will know what we’re talking about!!

Do not change their diet or type of litter. Keep plenty of warm blankets in the pet carrier when transferring kitty outdoors. Drape a throw over the carrier so it is not exposed to the wintertime outside elements. But this coat is also what can make them higher maintenance animals because of the occasional grooming that you have to do. Most of the cats that get lost and are picked up by rescue teams end up in animal shelters.

Persian Cat Lives In The Garbage For Months Getting Rescued And Adopted

The poor Persian cat was spent life for many months in the garbage a side of the road until she met animal lovers. Rescuers were ...

Your cat’s collar might break, and the rescue team will not be able to trace you as the owner. Even microchips may be ineffective in tracing your cat. Of all the animals that end up in animal shelters, only 3% are returned to their owners. Even if your cat is not declawed, it may not have a fighting chance against predatory birds or dogs. Having your cat inside would also ensure that you don’t have to worry about the danger of injuries from cars.

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