Use the pretend scissors to give her a "haircut" if she needs one!

If the head needs the support of some stuffings then use polyfill.

Doll Comb
There was a particular type of hair fiber that was durable but looks awful. Dolls with real mohair can be a challenge, but mohair can be tamed too. If your vintage doll has stuffings in the head, it's quite likely those stuffings got wet when you "shampooed" your doll. Some old dolls have paper stuffings, cotton shreds or cloth rags.You will need to remove this filler or it will get moldy. Which means you may need to remove the doll's head. Some dolls may not need any filler; it depends on how soft the vinyl is. Sometimes dolls have synthetic hair that you really can't do anything with. Your doll will look much better than you could have believed was possible!

Don't use food oils, they will become gummy and sticky.

Tutorial How To Make A Miniature Comb + Hairbrush + Mirror For Doll ???
In this tutorial I show you how I made a miniature comb, hairbrush and mirror for dolls ( Monster High , Ever After High...

You can also use hair dressings such as pommade. Once everything is really dry, then comb the doll's hair again and add a ribbon or other trims if you like. If you use curlers, it may take a day or two before the hair is really bone dry.

You want to wait until the doll hair has "submitted" to the curler and will retain the curl. Curling doll hair is not easy and requires a bit of fiddling. Protein based gel works better on doll hair than glue-y type hair gels. Small rubber bands are really handy if you work with dolls; get them at the beauty supply store, too. Knee-highs work for most medium size dolls. If you have teeny dolls you may want to use a doll sock to hold the hair down. Allow the hair to dry, which usually takes about 24 hours.

You can curl the hair while it's still wet. Use small plastic perm rods, the kind with the rubber cap on them. Or small hair rollers, if it's a big doll.

You can get small plastic perm rods at a beauty supply store and they're cheap. And finally; put a knee high nylon stocking over the head to hold the hair in place. These are cheap; you can get a package with several pair at the dollar stores. Once it's all combed out nicely, then comb into a nice style. If you need curlers, now is the time to add curlers or perm rods. This is the best way to conquer those awful tangles. Don't start from the scalp and work down. Work from the ends first and patiently work up to the scalp gradually. Use the metal tooth comb to comb the hair. Once the hair is clean and rinsed, then pat dry with a towel and spray on the hair conditioner. Hot water can destroy some of the old hair fibers.

Bleach is nasty on my hands and it's not so great for dolls either but sometimes nothing else will work.

I like to use children's spray-on hair conditioner, to help soften the hair and detangle it. The ones at the grocery will look similar to these, but the teeth might be a little closer together and that's ok too.

You can get them at the grocery store, usually. Yes, you can fix the rat's nest of hair that's on your vintage doll!

Don't cut the hair off your vintage vinyl doll!

One of the combs broke just by removing it from the plastic holder!

If you are looking for a durable comb this is not the comb kit for you. Everything they said would come with it did.

I would not store these in sunshine or any heat source. The plastic is cheap and will not last long before they start to bend in different direction.

Doll Comb

If you have a quality problem customer service is on top of everything so please don't worry about that. These also are so light/flimsy, they are just useless!

I got this in the mail and it looked opened and like a comb was missing. One comb was so bad it almost looks like it melted. This, of course, rips and tears your hair. They came quickly and were packaged wonderfully. All comes were there in their spot in the clear soft plastic holder.

I think my granddaughter would have enjoyed the doll more that way.

Clean Doll Hair Wash Doll Hair Clean Dolls Restore Dolls

I wish though that she talked like some of the other baby alive dolls.

I would be more pleased if the hair were an inch or two longer or even more. Overall, she's a nice baby for the little one.

I have to keep looking over to make sure she isn't using real ones near the doll or my head. This makes it a little difficult to play with.

I do not feel right giving less than 4 stars simply because my daughter is too little for her, but she is quite heavy. She plays with her sometimes, but much prefers other dolls (lighter dolls with soft tummies and hard limbs/head). My girl is 2 years old and this is not even close to her favorite doll. My niece loves that she can style her dolls hair like her mom styles hair. She has a completely hard body, is a decent size, and is a little heavy if you are looking for a doll for your young daughter to carry around. Now my niece can cut away with these scissors, and not ruin her dolly's hair, like she has done in the past with real scissors.My daughter was disappointed that the scissors didn't really cut so she doesn't play with it much, but her sister likes the baby. This is a very nice quality doll and very cuddly for a little girl to have. This doll is well made and is an absolute hit in our home. Her hair is good quality and can be combed over and over with no tangles. Her dress is waterproof, so if you use the little spray bottle it will not mess up her clothing.

You can style her hair so many ways, and my grandaughter has spent so much time playing with this doll.
These toys are baby doll hair cut and brush the teeth play set toys Enjoy and SUBSCRIBE, thanks - ToyPudding.

The accessories are all very well made and not easily breakable. The scissors make a cutting noise, but do not cut anything. They are quite well made, and the kids really enjoy pretending they are cutting the doll's hair or sometimes my hair. This hairstyling doll offers a fun caregiving experience. She’ll be the most beautiful "baby" on the block with you in charge of her hairstyle!

When you’re all done giving your doll’s hair a pretend trim, it’s time to style her hair and clip on her barrettes!

Using her comb and barrettes, you can give her a beautiful hairstyle. Your baby girl loves when you do her hair for her.

You can fill the spray bottle with water and use it to lightly spritz your doll’s hair, just like at a beauty salon!

Imagine how pretty she will look when you are all done!

The spray bottle really works so you can spray your doll’s hair. Wet her pretty hair and then comb out the tangles.

I keep thinking the sound they make is real.