I very much enjoy your tutorial and going to try and make this today. Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us.

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This blanket will be a nice present for a soon to be born baby. Also, how many squares across and down will join?

I love your little hanging hearts too but cannot find the pattern for the flowers you have added to them, can you help please?

I want to make a doll blanket for my granddaughter.Your blog is one of my favourite places to visit!

I would love to give this a try and use it as my goto for baby gifts. How many do you think for a baby blanket?

Would you mind telling how you join the squares and the border?

I am going to make dress for my little one!

I still have projects going from when his mom was a newborn.

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I remember my cat at the time got at the yarn, and it was on the top shelf of a closet, how he managed to get up there is a mystery, this cats must smell trouble to get into.

I just want to know how many balls of yarns did u use to complete this blanket?

If is it possible, can you tell how many skeins of cotton did you used?

Please would you share that information again.

I am using baby weight yarn to make my squares and then will assemble them to make a blanket for my new grandbaby, expected sometime this week.

I had to play around with the placement of the eyes because my first attempts had them a little off center.

I was stressing about something cute to make for a friend who is having a baby boy. Now, you have given me a great idea and a lesson on how to complete it.

I saw your blog in a "share your craft" type of blog!

She has redone it a few times but isn't able to get it right. Has anyone actually made one of these from the instructions above??

I will make one for my new greatgrandbaby to be here soon any day now.

I ask how much yarn you ended up using for the entire blanket?

Is it possible to print pattern without all the pictures?

I tried the pattern with a bigger and a smaller crochet hook (but with the same yarn). Then just make one rectangular for a dishtowel. One is did you use cotton or regular yarn?

When you put the bead eyes on did you cut the yarn so that you could attach it?

Thanks so much for this adorable pattern!

Let me know if you'd like me to send one by e-mail.

I wanted mine really cuddly and soft and used a merino yarn, no problems. The beads need to be strung onto the yarn before you start working on the teddy bear (before the nose if you're making it the same colour as the rest of the bear, or when you change colour after the nose if you're making the rest of the bear a different colour).

I have been crocheting for several years and would love to buy the pattern for this from you. Would it be possible for you to contact me when it is available?

Grays Antique Centre

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Willing to buy if you no longer want to offer it free!

I hope the incoming comments and suggestion are equally positive. Thank you for sharing this information that is actually helpful. Made from mohair, they were fully jointed and stuffed with kapok. Production of these mohair bears was short-lived, as a changing market favoured a different type of teddy. The 1960s saw many changes in society that reflected in the teddy market. Technology advanced and consumerism rose!

Synthetic fur and plastic joints could now be used. Prices for these were lower than traditional methods and so teddy bear prices dropped. Pads (of the same fabric) each had three black thread claws. Distictively, also, the hips were unstuffed, so as to allow teddy to ‘sit’.

Doll Teddy Bear Fairs

Teddies were made in many sizes, often golden or light brown. The fur of 1970s-90s teddy bears was fluffier, but with the same shape. The combined comapny now produced limited editions. One range was a limited edition fully jointed teddy, made from wool plush, and with a large black embroidered nose. However, as it is the music box that is broken, even a watch repairer may be able to fix this for you, especially if it has simply been overwound. It won’t hurt teddy if he is unstitched at the place in his back where he was originally sewn up after stuffing. This small area could be unpicked to remove the music box for fixing. If it can’t be repaired, any of the teddy makers in the area could replace it for you with a new music box, and the seam easily resewn using ladder stitch.

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Google should be able to provide the names of makers or of a teddy bear show, if you need to contact a maker. He’s white with a tan patch over each side of his face and ears. Would like to know if they are still available to buy?

We do still see them for sale occasionally, at collectors’ fairs, which may be harder for you to get to. If it is possible for you to post a picture of him, we could look out for doggie pyjama cases for you, and let you know!

I don’t know the correct term but he refers to it as a gollywog. It has black velvet face with red emroidery detailed features and a red gingham checked shirt and red velvet pants. Jakas made them between the 1960s and the 1970s, and by the label on this one, it is one of the earlier ones. They are well-made, and usually have a happy, smiling face, though we have seen them with ‘evil’ looks too!

Panda can be fixed quite easily, with a new music box. They can often be bought from a good craft shop.If you feel comfortable to repair him yourself, it is a matter of finding the seam in his back where he was hand sewn up after stuffing, then positioning the new music box where the old one was and then using ladder stitch to sew him up again. A teddy bear maker in your area could do this for you, though. The face is very similiar to the smaller bear. He would have been made during the 1960s. His fur could be mohair, it is just a little hard to tell from photos sometimes. He is around 37inches tall (94cm)with blue eyes.

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I have never seen anything about a panda as big as he is. He was probably made as a shop display, and definitely in a very limited quantity. Their head feel like they have wood wool in them, you can hear it move when you squeeze it.

We actually have the ‘twin’ of the caramel-coloured one!

Did this model of teddy have a particular name?

He is one of the older ones and appears to be in very good condition.

You could try listing him on ebay, but values tend to be a little lower. One is beige 380cm, one is pink 480cm and the other is yellow 980cm. The largest one sound especially wonderful, as this size is harder to find. Ebay is a good place to advertise as collectors use it to find what they are looking for. The saddle is intact however the bridle is missing. Teddy bear collectors like to use them to display teddies on!

You are right in that your pony is of top quality workmanship, and so is very sturdy.Little children could still enjoy playing with him and not affect his condition, or if you chose to display him, he’d only need the occasional brush to keep him looking good!

Ted’ was made in the late 1960s, though a precise year is not known. So as to be machine washable, your teddy would be made of synthetic plush, with lock-in safety eyes, and stuffed with crumbed foam rubber.

I have three from the 80’s belonging to my children.

I can recognize their faces in an instant. He was given it soon after he was born in 1971. It was small, gold coloured, had quite short fur, not very fluffy.

I am not sure whether the label read “jakas toys” or “jakas toys wash in lukewarm lux” or whether it was printed or embroidered. Do you have any ideas on how we might look for and find a “replacement”?

Jakas teddies quite often, as the company made good quality teddies that have lasted through the years. If you are able to post a picture of ted then we could see if we have one, or look out for him for you. Fairs are a good place to look for him, or ebay. Jakas, with added photos, so you may recognise him in those!

With over seventy-five dealers, it has become one of the most appealing and lively places for the trading of antiques and collectables. They also carry a large selection of vintage luggage and travelling paraphernalia ranging from small jewellery boxes up to large cabin trunks - available from their first floor luggage emporium. It is now a beautiful and romantic hotel get-away. The site is daily updated with new items, new members and fair dates.

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