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A new home for Barbie design with pink and totally spaces even wider.
Two floors and six different rooms: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, patio and breakfast area.
The furnishings such as TV, chandeliers and lights can be arranged as you want thanks to the attacks downlights everywhere. Included, also, the couch, bed, breakfast area, and blenders.
Included, also, the couch, bed, breakfast area, and blenders. Everything folds down to be glamorous everywhere. A New Home For Barbie Totally Design With Pink And Even More Large Spaces.
Two Floors And Are Different Environments: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Patio Area And For Breakfast.
The furnishings How TV, Chandeliers Lights And How It Can Be Arrange Want To Thank Attacks downlights everywhere. Including, Also, The Sofa, The Apartment, The Breakfast Area And blender. Including, Also, The Sofa, The Apartment, The Breakfast Area And blender. All The Glamour Folds To Be Everywhere.

Barbie R4186 0 Barbie glam house

  • Ages – from 3 years
  • Product Description – This beautiful holiday home Barbie The many accessories are mobile and allow endless hours of play The house is foldable and can be carried everywhere
  • Educational values ​​- imagination, inventiveness, creativity

Barbie R4186 0 Barbie glam house

Item Weight2.3 Kg
Product Dimensions50.8 x 12.7 x 32.4 cm
Item model numberR4186
Model NumberR4186
Assembly requiredNo
Batteries requiredNo

houses breakfast area barbie

Brand: Mattel
Item number: 4186

Barbie " Glam Vacation House 2011


Barbie " Canadian Barbie Glam Vacation Jet 2011


Barbie Glam Vacation House

barbie r   barbie	glam house
$ 36.99 Barbie Glam Vacation House

Barbie Glam Vacation House

barbie r   barbie	glam house
$ 69.95 Barbie Glam Vacation House


5.0 Stars of 5

excellent product

by kr

great product with a very accurate description and precise, the right gift that a child can receive. Recommended to buy with all safety.

4. 0 of 5 Stars

very nice

by anna

Delivery in 7 days unfortunately the period of August slows transport but apart from this flaw, I was satisfied with the quality of the product, many accessories and closes easily, and my baby is happy and although he remained three years has very carefully and we play a lot.

5.0 Stars of 5


by clear

Very apt gift. It is part of the daily games of my little. It’s been almost two years, but is still perfect.

5.0 Stars of 5

first gift to his niece in love with Barbie

by paola

I was satisfied and would recommend it to all the grandparents, who want to make a gift to the grandchildren
Is there full game too.

5.0 Stars of 5


by Francesca

the value for money is very good. It is full of accessories and when it is open is very large, but in a small space when storing is closed (like a briefcase).
my daughter I was thrilled.

5.0 Stars of 5


by Mamma

Practical, compact, easy to use and recompose also by the children themselves. Ideal if you have little space.
Convenient to carry around. The objects are a few small but cute. Ideal for making every day a different house.

4.0 Stars of 5


by John

Excellent product, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The maximum for children between the age of three.
Ultra fast shipping. Price lower than the market. Highly recommended.

3.0 Stars of 5

As expected

by Christian Cavallari

I would say that the product is what I expected the girls Loved the price on amazon is definitely good, although as with all things barbie a bit expensive.

4.0 stars of 5

I Am Satisfied

by Carl

The house is very pleased to 8 year old girl to whom I donated. The parcel has arrived in advance of the scheduled date.
nothing to complain about.

4.0 stars of 5

Not Bad

by Bruno

Whereas the houses of barbies costs have exaggerated this product is discreet.
Nioente special, but for a 4 year old girl is ok.

5.0 stars of 5


by Eli81


5.0 stars of 5

Barbie House

by Mum

Really nice with lots of accessories and many beautiful colors that are almost real and practical to close this game is easy to carry.

5.0 stars of 5


by Manuel

reliable seller, excellent product would recommend it to anyone who wants a nice gift fsare and compact, when closed is the size of a briefcase 24 hours.

5.0 stars of 5

Review Barbie Glam House

by Maria

item complies with the request, well represented in iconography and arrive on time declared, unopened ; conductivity of distance traveled ; offer.

5.0 stars of 5

Great Purchase

by Nicotone

Exactly matches the description. Rich accessories, once mounted, it lends itself to so many transformations. Functional, colorful and fun.

5.0 stars of 5

My Daughter Is Very Satisfied.

by Alexander

And consequently also us. Barbie a product at a price that more accessible.
Delivery as usual in compliance with the deadline.

5.0 stars of 5

Beautiful House

by Sara

I’m glad the house is very nice, funny. Just as seen in the photo. I recommend it, easy to assemble, even if they are great, I m having fun.
No need to be girls.

3.0 stars of 5

Costly And Complicated

by Danie

Costly and complicated, the children always need a adiulto to play, and still play remains rather complicated, because dell’euilibrio precarious of all.