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I spend most of my day tieing babies and stuffies onto them with scarves!

I adjusted the height and width so just can carry different sized baby. Now find a little girl that's tired of toting that baby doll around, and tie this thing on her!That will secure the carrier to the waist strap. Pin it in place and then topstitch beginning an inch before the opening, and ending an inch after. Then insert the bottom unfinished edge of your carrier into the opening by a half inch. The 10" opening should still be there, and be sure to press those seam allowances in 1/2" on both sides. Sew from the 5" mark down to the corner and turn.

I decided to make this a little more fancy and did some topstitching around the sides and a bit in the middle (also, necessary if you used quilt batting as it would get all lumpy without some topstitching).

If using the quilt batting, insert that now, making sure there are no lump or wrinkles in there!

Turn right side out through the opening you left on the bottom and press well. This will make your strap lie just perfectly when you turn it out. Again, make sure those ties are all tucked in so they don't get caught!

This is how your layers should be: outer piece right side up, straps in place, lining right side down. Pin your straps into place onto the front piece right over the folded corners, and be sure to fold the length of the strap up into the middle so it won't be caught in the seams. Sew the long side and when you near the end, make a nice point. Using your top piece as a template, cut out one lining piece from a contrast fabric. Looking at the back of your main piece, fold down the top corners to your seam line and press in place.

You should now have a 9 1/2" x 10 1/2" top piece, which makes up the body of your carrier. This mei tai is made for a 2 1/2 year old carrying a 12-15" baby/stuffed animal, but it would fit an older child just by making the straps longer. There is no reinforcement stitching that would be required to bear any weight.

I asked her about that, she said she was trying to carry her dolly. Please do not enlarge this pattern or use it for carrying real babies. She has already enrolled her precious puppy pets in it. But first, she must complete her chores before her mother will give her permission to leave. She also has to buy some items for the baby that will be born soon. So let's get a bubble bath boiling for the little cutie!

Would you want a bike with a basket and streamers?

She needs to refill her fridge with healthy food because she is pregnant. Because they just become parents again, they have a very beautiful boy this time. After a long day of playing, this cute baby princess is absolutely filthy. Wash the cute princess in the royal bathtub and make sure you play with her before you go outside. Please make sure she is relaxed and comforted.

She loves to play in the castle and run through the ballrooms all day but she needs to be clean and perfectly dressed...

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