The cover has little markings, dings, and wear. Creasing, curling, or bending of the covers.

Doll Collectors Guide
The pages show little markings, dings and wear. In addition, she has authored over 100 magazine articles on dolls and other baby-boomer era toys. The collection of dolls depicted in it is limited to what the collectors bought. The person who wrote was basically a reporter who wrote articles for the publishing firm's magazines.She relied on one set of collectors predominantly.

I have this book, and would actually suggest it for others to purchase. It is not unheard of for a company to, very occassionally, substitute a different item during the manufacture of a doll. But it was a very rare occurrence, making the doll a rarity. If the eye remains green after cleaning, it is a true factory substitution. The oxidized eyes will become purple again after cleaning.

These are the dolls that the book refers to.

I enjoyed all the pictures of the dolls in the gardens, at the beach and in natural settings.

I also enjoyed the way this book was layed out, it didn't have you jumping from the front of the book to the back of the book. A wonderful tool for identifying the dolls and the outfits. The photos are sensational and the information far reaching. It also shows the back of the original clothes cards with the kicky illustrations that had young children clamouring for more. The warmth and humour that flows thru this book is indicative of someone that truly loves and appreciates these dolls and not that of a megalomaniac who thinks they have the only information in the world. This third edition will help you distinguish between the more common dolls and those worth thousands of dollars. A fun read, the book is well organized and gives collectors the story behind these wonderful dolls. It is an invaluable addition to the doll collector's library. With the addition of new photos and up-to-date information and values, this book is a highly readable reference guide, providing sweeping coverage of every known doll produced by this amazing company. An invaluable addition to the doll collector's library. If you are a doll collector or miss the dolls of your youth, this book is for you!

I have been collecting vintage dolls for a number of years. Actual worth of nearly any vintage doll is actually very subjective.

I did like the inclusion of manufactured and/or patent year and the original price on some of the entries. Information was there, but would like even more info, will keep shopping!

L.O.L. Surprise!

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