I just bought some a couple weeks ago on clearance. The option for sewing different outfits is great.

I love that you pattern has a removable dress. It is always so special for me to watch her play with it. For curly hair she would wrap it around dowels and bake it in the oven for a little bit.

You always make me want to do more things homemade for my little one!!!I am currently looking for projects to freshen up my apartment this spring.

I would love to make something like this and donate them to the children’s hospital with my daughters.

I have memories of watching my grandma sew doll clothes for me.

I was a little girl, and two of her sweet little dresses.

You can use thinner yarn, skip the gluing step to make the hair braidable, or whip up a whole closet full of dresses. Tie off the ends when you get to your desired length.

Roll the bottom portion and hem that now as well. Since we are not lining this dress, it's a good idea to use some tacky glue or fray check on the cut pieces. Once your fabric is cut out, clip around the neck and arm holes (as shown above or the lines on the paper pattern). Attach the head to the body by sewing together with a blind stitch. This is also a little tricky, so go slow and pay special attention to keeping the yarn in place. Stitch around the head, leaving the neck open. After your doll has a face, turn your head pieces inside out (the face cannot be seen at this point).

I cut a heart from a scrap piece of felt for the mouth. Be sure to only stitch the arms and legs only at their joining points—this is a little tricky to keep the arms and legs inside the body, but you can do it!

Pin the arms and legs inside of the body (with the open portions of the arms and legs attached to the body). With the arms and legs inside out, stitch around the edges and clip the curves. If you are going to iron on interfacing, this is the time to do it.

I remember making my first doll with her. Please enter a number less than or equal to 2. Please note the delivery estimate is greater than 11 business days. It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials that you are looking for.

You could even print out multiple sets of these to give as party favors!

Lucy doll, coronation gown, archery outfit, riding dress and more. This easy craft is a simple activity for a ballerina party, and the best part is the guests can take home their paper dolls as a party favor. Also you can print out this game for party guests to send home as a party favor. Includes tips and ideas as well as patterns to make your own. A great way to save a few bucks, yet still have adorable clothing for your daughter to dress her doll up with!

Cut the pieces out for your child so they can paste them together and have hours of fun!

It even has little flaps that open and close for windows and doors!

It folds up neatly for fun on the go, or you can easily store it on a bookshelf. Create one book for each child, varying the papers to create an individual theme, focusing on their favorite subjects and activities for hours of fun. She wants to see the world, so take her with you on journeys near and far!

It would be much more labor-intensive, but you can also just cut them by hand if you don’t have a cutting machine. The spent hours changing outfits as their little paper dolls play together. Definitely more than enough to keep your girls busy for a while!

Then how-to sew a simple cover to keep it altogether when the kids aren’t playing with it. Junkie readers have asked, and we’ve listened. Basically its just gathered along the elastic from the inside.

We also play the yellow car game (when ever you see a yellow car you say “yellow car”) in the vehicle between stops to help keep her entertained.

I spy something that says moo” and then she has to count how many things she can find that ate related to a cow.