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Doll Emporium Denver
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I get her in pink with rong's body and hands-01??

I was wondering if her head would fit on the 60 cm girl body?

Will i be able to get her in human ears instead?Rong body onto the torso of the 1/4 girl body?

If it is possible could you show me pictures of the characters full body?

English pounds and the cost of postage please?

This skin color in this picture is white. Mei with double jointed knees, elbows, and wrists, but the same one piece torso?

I was wondering if there is any price difference to buying this doll unstrung/without the official box.

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Is it possible to have a different than the bjd mei make-up?

Is it possible to see a picture of the bodie, not just the head?

Rong then putting your different head choice in the comments section. Hybrid dolls go by the cost of the doll who's body you want since the body is more expensive. And how long does it take for her to arrive?

A pair of random eyes is included, may not be the same as in the photo. My only question is how long would it take for her to get here?

Mei in sky blue but i was wondering dose her head fit on the double jointed body because i don't buy msd single jointed. One of the pairs are cat eyes and the other is duo tone purple/pink color. Mei with a blue wig at the end of this month. She said the larger the eye the more child like she will appear. The smaller the eye the more mature and wise she appears. How long did it take for resinsoul to ship?

She has very fine features and her face up is lovely. Order was also sent packaged very well and was completed in good time.

I wanted to know how much shipping would cost?

What color is mei in both of the pictures?

And three do you chose the eye color or is it random. What do you refer to in "colour" in the options?

We don't selling this wig like the picture. Do you sell the head seperately, and if so, for how much?

Can i only return her if she breaks or something?

Would it be possible to get this doll with different eyebrows or without any eyebrows at all?

Germany is and if it is possible to get a similar wig to the one she´s wearing on this pictures?

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Dollshe Box Opening At Denver Doll Emporium


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