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I couldn't keep up and had to seek out third party help.

Doll Dress Sewing Pattern
The face is either drawn with permanent pen or embroidered over the included template.

I am excited to offer this fun, quality pattern and tutorial. The tutorial guides you with photos and full instructions. The end result is a feeling of satisfaction for you, and a fun and quality toy.Are you a home-based maker with a small craft business?

I thought this blog tour would be a great opportunity to do some garment sewing, even on a small level!

The next step was to cut out the pattern pieces. It's so quick and easy to cut out pattern pieces for doll clothes!

I used this disappearing ink pen, but pencil or chalk will work just fine too. Then you cut around your pattern pieces, being careful to cut out the notches.

Brother to bring you these two free sewing patterns and both are just fabulous!!

Make with knit fabric with a circle skirt for the ultimate twirling dress.

I tell you where to download the free sewing patterns, let’s just check out how cute these girl and doll matching dress patterns are!

There are pattern pieces for all parts, including the skirt, so it sews up very easy. Don’t forget to print out both svg’s you don’t need the machine. Pinned and will feature on facebook in about an hour. Want to make a coordinating dress for your little girl?

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You can sew and sell the finished dresses.

dolly girl doll dreamy dress
dolly girl doll dreamy dress 1