This fashion is the perfect thing to wear on the greens. The golfing outfit includes a pink polo shirt and plaid shorts and comes with golf bag, clubs and other themed accessories.

Doll Collector Clubs
Thanks to this adorable outfit, it got my 11 year old granddaughter... I am still able to display, but resale is no going to happen, due to the damage to box. The clubs are very thin and not sturdy but that would be fine if the pants fit. This “snowglobe packaging” is a cheap blister pack that could have contained any other doll.The bodice is glued on plastic and half-finished. She has had some ups and downs, but this is the worst. Once in a while, it would work out with some doll that had an unexpectedly high demand or unanticipated limited run. And you know who plays with bath tub dolls?

The princesses wanted to take the dolls out and play with them, but the adults, who were really collecting for themselves and pretending to play the stock market, wouldn’t let them. They’re not buying their kids those awful dolls that can’t be played with.

My Winx Club Doll Collection #1

Here is my current winx club doll collection of 2012. Oh and don't forget to "like" the Facebook page!

Sure, you remember playing with the cheap one in the bath tub, but it’s not something you keep on your shelf like a piece of art.

You don’t admire it and you’d never pass it down from one generation to the next.

We suggested ad campaigns and packaging that could be preserved so that dolls could be removed and replaced. Right off the bat the packaging becomes destroyed while you attempt to wrestle the doll from it.

I would pay a few extra dollars if they would package the product in a simple open/close collector's box. The skirt is a pretty glittery green with an ombre effect. The bodice while beautiful and a tad sparkly, is sadly made of plastic. Finally, they did not paint her fingernails, or even include a decoration in her hair. While her hair is styled elegantly enough, it is just missing something.

I was happy to see that they have included the display stand once again. Great toy but not on par with some of the collectors of yesteryear. Normally the plastic portions of the package will be straight and smooth where it meets with the cardboard portion. Not so with this package, the plastic is literally ragged.

I don't want to waste any more money just to have a complete collection!

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