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All prams & strollers come with seatbelts so that your child’s doll or stuffed animal won't fall out.

If your child has more than one favourite toy, you can get a twin doll pram to accommodate them both. Depending on how well your child can walk, they come in either three wheels or four wheels. Standard stroller doll prams are replicas of normal sized prams, and are generally very lightweight, collapsible and easy to take around. Your child can play with their pram or stoller both indoors and outdoors, meaning they can have fun wherever they go.They can also improve your child’s balance and cognitive skills, as they provide support for them during their early days of walking. Children love to imitate their parents, and a large part of growing up and learning is to reenact things that they have seen. Doll prams and strollers are a perfect way to facilitate and encourage your child's vast imagination, allowing them to nurture and transport their favourite toys. Prams & strollers are some of the most sought after toys for young girls and boys, as they can push their favourite dolls and stuffed animals around and play pretend as adults. They might also want to decorate their chosen house with more doll furniture so get them some beds, kitchen playsets and more so they can turn a dollhouse into a doll home. If your little one has got a favourite dolly let them take it for a stroll with a doll pram or pushchair.
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Whether they want a majestic wooden town house or a country mansion there’s the ideal home for their doll collection. Doll houses provide more than just a home for dolls in between play times, they become a stage for children to act out stories and adventures. Playing with dolls helps kids develop a sense of imagination and like all make believe play things can be made even better with extra props. Whether they want doll clothes to give their favourite doll a new look or little add-ons like bottles and feeding spoons, we’ve got everything they need to feel like a proper parent next playtime. Product material iron: plastic cotton cloth. The doll stroller is great for hours of imaginative play. Take your twin dolls out for a lovely stroll with this stylish double pushchair. With a 53 cm handle height the stroller is perfect for children ages of 3 years and up. Plastic material, more solid, durable and beautiful. Suitable for kids aged three to five, the stroller handle height is... Roll playing has never had so many possibilities!

Both pushchair seats are reversible so you can change the direction your dolls are facing. Young children can use their imagination as they switch...