In fact he's going through a bit of a phase with it at the moment and demands that the doll is treated as an extra member of the family. It'll do til he's older and wants him/her undressed.

Doll Toddler Boy
Just a nondescript baby which came in a blue sleepsuit. He doesn't really play with them a year on, but they were a really useful thing to have at the time. He hasnt touched a boys toy for months but seems very happy playing babies. Out of the home tho he is such a bisterousos boy full of energy running around at full speed!!!He loved charging about with it in a cheap little buggy. He's not so interested in the doll but like loves to push the pushchair round.

You can persuade your husband that pushchair counts as a mode of transport with wheels and is therefore just as manly as cars!

He pushes it about in a buggy, kisses it and occasionally spanks it. Finally, a nice quality boy play doll with hair!

With a wide range of dolls' accessories including cots, wardrobes, baths, carry cots and more they can create their very own world for their dolls.

Reborn Toddler Onsie Wednesday + Thrift Haul Timothy ~ The Ariel Sculpt Boy Doll

via YouTube Capture.

They can dress their doll in a range of outfits, change their nappy and feed them a bottle, just like the real thing. Playing with baby dolls helps your child to develop their imagination whilst building their social and role-play skills.

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