I purchased preemie diapers for her it is alot cheaper that way than purchasing baby alive refills. When her face gets cold the tattoo shows up and heat will make it disappear!

Her wings just snap onto her shoulders and are easy to put on and take off. My girls just want to make her wet her diaper. She hasn't opened it yet but it's super cute and looks like good quality. She is relatively small and easy for a young child to carry around.My daughter can easily dress and undress the doll herself because the dress is easy to remove and put back on. The doll looks exactly like the pictures. The only things she didn't care about was the doll only came with one diaper and the diaper doesn't fit the doll right. Overall she likes it and for the price it worked.

I bought the extra diapers for it as well, but if you don't feel up the cup with water the one it comes with is great. She tends to hold water inside though after she drinks.

My Tattoos & Piercings 2016|Dollfacebeautyx


It would also have been nice for more than one diaper to come with her but she is as described. The pen works well by “painting” her face. Water wand changes color on forehead; that's it. Amazon ended up refunding me for this because it did not work at all. Shipping itself usually takes 7-20 business days.

We make each and every item at home, one by one. Shipping itself usually takes 10-20 business days.

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Cherry Dollface Shows Some Skin Tattoo Stories

Yes I have a lot of tattoos... and yes they have a lot of silly stories!

Here I go over most of my favorites and tell you the meaning ...

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