If you are looking for mini then these are nice.

I wished the size was mentioned in the details prior to ordering.

Doll Diaper Set
They are the same size as her other disney princess dolls so they fit right into her pretend play. It's too bad there are so many scalpers on amazon and so many fakes on ebay. The arms move a little, the legs move a little, so they are not the "cake topper" toys.

I would call these figurines more than dolls.My daughter was happy but she would be happier if they had cloth clothes and barbie-like hair. Overall, a great set and an affordable way to get the entire main cast of the movie. They have had fun acting out scenes from the movie and having the characters interact with each other. There are no "standing platforms" the figures are free standing and stay up nicely. They are not supposed to be for cake anyway. Had to use sticks to get a few to stand up, but turned out so cute.
The new Luvabella love comes to life NURSERY SET includes 10 items including a diaper bag.

We think this is a fun accessory to ...

I bought them as cake toppers for her 6th bday. Overall a great buy for lots of fun pretend play - especially with all the frozen toys so hard to find!

Hans hair color is a really strange red/orange. It is hard to get the girl dolls to stand, but that doesn't seem to bother my daughters since they hold them while playing. The girl dolls have skirts and shawls that are removable. She and her 2 year old sister and 8 year old sister all like playing with them. They have made it for 2 months now without any problems. However it's a bit pricey for what's included. Very cute and well made diaper bag with good quality accessories. But the smile it put on my daughters face makes it worth every penny. This website is not intented to substitute the advice of a professional. Thank you for the awesome directions and ideas!

I needed a diaper bag for my granddaughters birthday.

I have used them before to make a bag stable and not bend and be waterproof.

I tend to use the covers from those plastic sleeve folders where the plastic sleeves have been destroyed or the spine has broken.

I just made this for my three year old daughter and after having not sewn anything in about 10 years ( think high school home ec!) it turned out wonderfully. But the directions said fusible fleece but your directions didn’t mention the fleece. Send me some more info on what you would like (fabric wise and doll size). Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog!

I am making a few as we speak and was thinking of selling them also.

I plan on making a few more of the diapers and bibs this week. How much would you charge to make and sell a set like this?

I sewed them together leaving a 2″ opening, turned the bib right side out, top-stitched it, and then stitched on some tiny pieces of velcro to the neck openings.

I cut out a piece of cotton fabric and a piece of minkee fabric using this pattern and then pinned them right sides together.

doll reference links diaper set 1
My daughter is going to go crazy over this!

I rounded the top corners of the fabrics using a round cup as a guide.

?Honestly Cute Triplets!!!


Doll Car Seat, Folding Crib & Diaper Bag Set Unboxing!?Name Reveal!

Honestly Cute Triplets!!!

Doll Car Seat, Folding Crib & Diaper Bag Set Unboxing!?Name Reveal!

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doll reference links diaper set 2