The reason this website was set up was so people in the amphibian keeping hobby could share their experiences with others. If not, ensure that they have plenty of room so cannibalism can be avoided.

Chopped up earthworms and bloodworm are a good choice to begin their transition onto larger prey items. They will require their first feed around 24 hours after they hatch. These eggs should be separated from the adults soon after spawning to avoid the possibility that the eggs will be eaten. Axolotls can sometimes be encouraged to breed by reducing the daylight hours they are exposed to for a few weeks beforehand.This is not necessarily healthy though, so it is advised to only breed your females once a year. Despite this, should not be bred until they reach the age of 18 months to ensure they are the appropriate size and maturity. This means they can breed without changing to a typical adult salamander form through metamorphosis. Sterilise any décor to replace when the tank has been cleaned. Thorough rinsing is required to ensure that no chemical residue remains on the items to be replaced. Every month (or more frequently if a filter is not used) clean out the tank completely and sterilise using a reptile/amphibian friendly disinfectant.

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Aquarium lights are also not recommended. They are quite an active species so the bigger the aquarium you can provide the better. The aquarium should be fitted with a tight fitting lid, as they are prone to try and escape from their enclosures. Axolotls are not adapted to live on land, so will dehydrate and die quickly if they escape and are not placed back in the water in time. The water should be at a depth of approximately 25- 30cm (10 -12 inches). Change the water daily to avoid the build up of bacteria, unless a gentle filter can be provided to keep the water clean. Axolotls appreciate a low flow filter as they can become stressed if the flow of the filter is too strong or powerful. With a filter it should only be necessary to change one third of the water every week. This could be a plant pot on its side, which is low cost but easily cleaned if it becomes soiled. Bogwood, logs, stones and cork bark make good natural looking additions to your aquarium and make great hiding places. Once in a while change the layout of the aquarium. It's useful to have a small thermometer on either end of the aquarium to check the water temperature. Is the rest of the family happy to live with an amphibian?

They are also a very hardy species, so it is unlikely that your pet will become ill. Would you be comfortable feeding live insects as food?

Are you comfortable having live food in the house to feed your pet?

Can you obtain its food easily from your local pet shop?

Axolotls have excellent regenerative abilities and can regrow limbs, tails and even heart and brain cells at an outstanding rate. It is believed that they have evolved to be this way due to low levels of iodine in their native waters. They prefer cool water, as the water from the lake of their origin is glacier fed and cool throughout the year. Axolotls also have four lizard like legs and a long, flat tail. Photographs on this site are from my own personal collection. The colour of the cord indicates when the doll was produced; so being an excellent way of dating them along with hairstyle, eye-painting and the actual height of the doll. The earliest dolls had sprayed and hand-painted eyes and the later dolls had printed eyes with some handfinishing.

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