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Doll Artisan Magazine
Artisans have a natural talent for creative expression, bringing to life new and original ideas. They have a fertile imagination that drives them to explore new perspectives and combinations. They also like to realise (to ‘make real’) their ideas in interesting, tangible forms which they can present to others. But when it comes from ego or fear it leads to artifice or craftiness – for example, using highly inventive lies or fantasies to deceive others for personal gain.Another manifestation of negatively applied imagination would be to create a fantasy scenario and then step into it and believe it as though it were real. This is self-deception or delusion – when fantasy takes over from reality. Other roles are not so susceptible to these manifestations because they are less “involved” in their own imaginations, and less easily drawn away from reality. Painters and sculptors, for example, will look for prestigious, high-earning commissions. Some will use their own body as a medium of expression. They can be bohemian, highly inventive, perhaps avant-garde, and are often ahead of their time.

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What they express tends to be increasingly philosophical and spiritual.

I always though it is older souls, because their eyes are always very deep. Do you think my channeling is accurate in this photo?

Scholar souls, which assimilate all that are around for better understending itself and others… or we live many lives and choose other peoples (who are different kind of souls) and learn from them?

When a part of this decides to experience its own existence and evolve through its own choices, it “fragments” into many points of consciousness. These are individual souls, and each has its own perspective, its own experiences, and its own ability to make choices. It’s similar to a lightwave transforming into many particles. And just as white light splits into the rainbow spectrum of different frequencies (colours), so spirit divides into many consciousnesses with different frequencies. The split is not ultimately real, however, for in moments of spiritual enlightenment we can experience the “wave”, the underlying wholeness and unity of all beings.

I met my consciousness souls and recognize them or they even are around me all the time in every incarnation?

Terms “soulmates” and “one consciousness souls” are synonyms or term “soulmates” is related to something else?

If you are an artisan soul, then you specifically carry the imaginative and creative aspect of consciousness. These are termed “overleaves” – the energies we add to ourselves in each human life. For example, in the life to come an artisan could take on the goal of dominance to act more like a king, or the spiritualist attitude to perceive life more as a priest does. Yes, in each life you are likely to work with your soul mates (those who came into being at the same time as you, as fragments of the same light source). As young and mature souls, we will have relationships both with our closest soul mates and with others we just happen to meet along the way. Each is an opportunity to experience life from a fresh angle with a lot of intensity, and in each case we will experience one side and then the other side of the relationship. This is definitely my last physical incarnation. Every batch has one, they’re just not as known through contractral choice as jesus or buddha, but the skills and capacity is the same.

I like to say: same job description, different company.

I have been finding my soul kin, and they have been finding me for many years now, extremely moreso since my soul healed and i blossomed into spiritual consciousness. It has been the most amazing almost 2 years, and you wouldn’t believe the amazingly talented and world famous artisans who are my kin.

I wanted to thank you for your website for helping to flesh out my knowledge on soul levels and types. As well as helping my kin and others outside my family i am now able to identify soul ages of most people i meet and accurately the types amongst old and mature.

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It is totally normal to have some qualities of one stage mixed in with those of earlier stages as well.

You may well be a mature soul (sounds likely), yet on the day you were born your “manifestation” as an individual consciousness in the physical world had to begin from scratch, like a 1st level infant soul. It’s like if you could take a slice through our consciousness you would see rings like those inside a tree, the central one being equivalent to 1st level infant, the next being 2nd level infant and so on.

We keep adding new rings as we grow, develop and manifest more and more of our consciousness in life, but up to a limit – we plateau out at the level we have achieved thus far. The plateau is typically achieved in middle age – we feel the inner impulse to achieve it around age 35, at the same time setting aside any earlier levels we might have become wrongly identified with. In other words, we try to grow up and act our true (soul) age. The stretch from being born to the mid-life plateau depends of course on the soul level. When a baby soul reaches their plateau, they haven’t gone very far compared to an old soul. In addition to gradually manifesting our true soul age in life, we can also have peak experiences which show us what life looks like from a higher level than our own. But because we lack the structuring within our own consciousness to hold it, the experience cannot last – we must return to your own level after having such a “glimpse”.

We are all creating ourselves into buddhas.

Doll Artisan Magazine

Your articles opened my mind, made me more conscious and just gave light to everything that happen to me. You’re helping many people and my way of thinking matured alot by just reading this blog. Note that it’s usually easier for me to “get” someone with several photos rather than one.

I was having a conversation about religion, past lives, etc.

I am far from aggressive or assertive, so neither warrior nor king are in the running.

I do have, though, both young and old soul tendencies. This brings me to my question; would you be able to look at a picture of me and give me a little enlightenment?

I was reluctant to take on any new external belief system.

Artisan Spirit

They state that a wave of newly-cast souls will find an intelligent physical species to “adopt” as their learning vehicle of choice. The complexity of the brain is important – we have to be able to make rational choices over and above what our animal instincts and conditioning would have us do. So on the land there is only homo sapiens (other homo lines having become extinct) and in the sea there are the various species of cetaceans : whales and dolphins. Those of us who are currently human will stick to this species so long as it is of value; those who are cetaceans will stick to those species. It would be a severe case of “retardation” for an evolving individual soul.

I am always ready and willing to learn that any given concept is wrong. The channels themselves are only human – they do make mistakes, they might not be as pure as we would like, and they sometimes disagree amongst themselves. So… for me it’s about taking a mature approach, judging for myself what to accept or reject, investigating and validating wherever possible. There is no organisation to join, no cult, just a bunch of individual channels and a growing population of ‘students’ (people who are learning and personally applying the concepts).

You would understand your oneness with all-that-is and perceive the sacredness of every other being’s existence. Facial shape is determined by genetics, not spiritual properties.I swear, of all the crazy spirituality websites out there, this is the first sensible one).

I daydream all the time and lose myself in music. This one is the differentiation of self from the family/background of origin, and identification with a self-made adult identity.

I always try to give my art more depth and spiritual meaning, in order to try and communicate my feelings to another person via pictures or writing.

I focus on self-expression and leaving my mark on the world. As for my self-awareness – it didn’t come without a price.

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Whatever my bastard of a soul was thinking at the time, it made me go through a series of psychological issues that nearly resulted in a suicide. Rest assured that whatever trouble your bastard soul got you into in your early years will eventually make complete sense as you come to make good use of it in your mature years.

I think, is typically reflective/pensive. It’s pretty mind blowing to think about it!

Every event had a particular reason, and a particular effect on me. Every person crossed my life for a reason; even the people that caused my mental problems.

I forgave these people and it felt like a burden was liften off my shoulders. Do you think that animals can have soul types or overleaves, seeing as one cat has a different personality than the next, etc?

Wednsday” magazine-type astrology, but the actual one.

I was going crazy until my best friend (oul soul artisian) told me that she started seeing these at night as well.

I care about individuals as individuals, not as what they are to me.

I also find myself disagreeing with people like the dali lama – how weird is that?

And im curious if you know what her goal is?It would be so cool if you were able to have a list of all the artisans and what their goal is and mode.

I was a published author and freelance journalist. Artisan, to the more negative trope — destruction… which is a flashback to my five year old self, who purposely burned his mother’s kitchen down, just to see what would happen!

In any case, do you know if it is common for this soul type to be involved in occult practices?

Most occult leaders are in fact very worldly, stoic, and educated. As we grow up in each new life, we pass through all the levels of consciousness that parallel our previous soul ages.

I don’t know why, but it seems very common. Your fantasy desire to control others will automatically alienate you from others. Instead of seeing real human beings with individual differences that all deserve equal respect, you are projecting onto them something from your own childhood, and wanting to attack them as though they were lifeless, mindless dummies.

I believe the songs” when asked about his religious beliefs. He doesn’t like to talk about himself that much (unlike a sage who is happy to expose everything, there’s a certain introversion and secrecy). This fits the political activism, the drive to change society.

I am trying to find out my soul type but i am all over the place. Before finding this page i just called it visual mind. Everything, that has ever interested me, has been about creating something. Maybe artisan-artisan or artisan-scholar, cause i’m pretty introverted. Btw is introverted personality common, when it comes to artisans?

Artisans risk a lot of rejection for their unique creations, which can cause reluctance to be seen.

You can take the mbti test to figure out what you are.

~ Cathy Brady ~ Artisan and Teacher

Thank you so much for telling me about the mbti test. Sometimes they don’t agree on some people, but this one seems to be obvious. Watch how his head bops up and down, how he keeps switching sentences. It’s like his mind has so many things going on he needs more than one mouth to get it all out!

Everything about him speaks artisan, through and through. His music brought so much joy to so many.

I came back to this sight to say just that. Due to overleaves and casting, of course. If you are artisan, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t rational. The mbti test sort of mixes the age and the personality. If you want to keep insisting, fine, but you really look like an arrogant dick, cause you don’t even know the basics of the system. Quit jacking off to your definition of an artisan and study the system.

I studied the system, but it’s just different from this one.

I often find myself coming back to it for insight.

I am sure this is common though, as human beings are complex in nature. Artisans prefer to read fiction and go off into worlds of their imagination. Artisans have a brightness and eccentricity in their demeanour because their existence is about self-expression. The doll had no facial features, hair, clothing or “character” of its own, but was just a blank body for other doll makers to use as a canvas for their own imaginative creations. One last example is in my love of stories from an early age, and wanting to take up fiction writing.

I ended up with a number of highly detailed “outlines” of stories from start to finish. How can you tell which is the true role, and which is just a casting role?

Does it help to know the difference, and would it help pinpoint better the things to focus on in life and help me avoid running into as many brick walls along the way?

If reincarnation is real, how can the global population be growing?

If reincarnation is real, why don’t we remember our past lives?

What happens after our last reincarnation?

Each yard of these sumptuous fabrics is unique.The fabric is hand-stamped and then hand-painted multiple times, with many different pairs of hands working on every yard. Most of the work is done outside, so the weather greatly influences the results. Due to this specialized hand-process, there is a consistency to color and pattern, while maintaining subtle color variations that are so important to this traditional technique. Les dernières infos mode à ne pas rater mais aussi les looks et tendances qu’il faut connaître. Vous pourrez également retrouver des tests et sondages et tester vos connaissances.

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