We just happened to have some cute froggie fleece left over from a different project, but since you only need about a 16″ square of fabric for this project, check the remnant clearance area for fabrics next time you are at the craft store and you will probably be able to find some fleece very inexpensively. Or use an even bigger piece and make one for yourself and a matching one for your dolls.

Doll Bunk Beds Inch Dolls
You can cut this curved or straight across depending on your style. It is better to start with a smaller opening, because you can always make the opening bigger, but making it smaller is impossible. Alex thinks her new poncho is perfect for watching fall sports!

Are you excited for fall weather, fall sports and outdoor activities, or are you so sad to see another summer coming to an end?I cut off the top portion of a sock and made a hole for the neck.

I love autumn– the angle of the light is so soft and golden, not glaring like it can be in summer.

I hope they put them on their website store soon. The purple dress is fine, but it needs a shrug or something.

I don’t know why; it just doesn’t look great the way it is.

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American Girl Travel Case With Bunk Bed ~ Travelling With Two Dolls!

Watch to the end of the video to see how the dolls fit inside the case. Here is the opening and review of the travel case that I used ...

doll play amazing american gamerican girl travel c 2