If you are getting this for a bunny make sure to cut off the tags on the sheet, blanket, and pillow so they don’t chew on them, if you wish to use them for your bunny of course. If you have a bunny definitely get them this they can hide under it, hop on top of it and chew on it because it’s safe untreated pine.

I want to report that my granddaughter often sits on the dollbed and it doesn’t seem to be causing any stress so far. This dollbed was for my 3 year old granddaughter who has a very active 6 year old brother.

I looked at many dollbeds, carefully reading all the reviews. They don’t really sleep on them but that’s ok.My little guys love playing with the blankets and just chillin on the beds.

I have 2 rabbits and most of these getting sold are going to people with rabbits or other small animals. The bed is extremely sturdy and lightweight for smaller pets!

I would recommend not only buying this product for a doll but also for a pet. The wood is bare so it’s easily painted or stained. It was super easy to assemble and is very sturdy and cute.

Ikea Doll Bed For Cats Unboxing Assembly Review Diy Cat Bed

I saw this Duktig Doll Bed in IKEA and thought it would be the perfect size for a cat bed. This video shows you what’s in the box, …

What a difference having a bed a few inches off the floor can make. He now will run around the house and play, something he stopped doing entirely prior to the bed.

I bought him a nice padded cat bed to act as a mattress and this has become his favorite place in the world. It’s extremely easy to put together and the little blanket and pad that come with it are adorable. The wood is unfinished, so you could paint it if you wanted to.

I bought it to be a bed for my cat (so maybe he will stop sleeping on my dog’s bed). And its photo frame photo is of a cat wearing glasses. Ikea is so good that it has a retrospective history museum in Älmhult. It is recommended for children 18 months and older. Ikea was the first company to feature a gay relationship in an advert, back in 1994. And these meatballs, which are like little bites of heaven. It’s also about friendly and helpful instructions. Which sometimes look like this on the shelf.

Let’S Assemble Ikea Duktig Doll Bed!!!

We went to IKEA in Taiwan. Finally, we got this cute, pretty DUKTIG DOLL BED for our cat!

Check the video how I assemble the …