I just looked at more of your blog - how wonderful!

This was a sweet mommy-daughter-doll tea!

Who knew a tea towel could become such a lovely frock, and a wonderful memory maker for mommy and daughter?

I have always loved tea parties, but that isn't something my family ever did.

I have 2 pillowcases and 1 tea towel saved back with plans to make pillowcase dresses for my girls and their dolls!

I enjoy sharing ideas for making memories and cherishing the little moments that make every day special.I used a wool sock that was torn and cut off the bottom as shown below.

I folded over the cut edge of the sock and joined my fingering yarn at the back with a slip stitch.

I worked my stitches fairly tight as the sock opening was plenty wide enough for the doll.

I had 40 stitches around the top edge of the sock.

I repeated this row one more time before starting the straps.

I made 2 straps by joining yarn at back and crocheting a chain strip long enough for the strap to reach the front.
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These directions are just suggestions and depending on your sock and doll, you may need to adjust your stitches. From a fun pair of bunny pajamas to a bubble sundress, this collection will inspire even beginning crafters to join in on the sewing fun.

I bought two books by this author, both with this problem.

I made two items from this book and a couple of items from another of the author's books. It was impossible to put buttons in the back as pictured.

I used velcro and had to place it past the center of the back for the two sides to meet. The back is made up of three pieces that don't fit together properly.

I had to recut the back before hemming it.

I also made the sundress (another reviewer made this dress) and it is way too tight.

I could not set the sleeves into the jacket that goes over the dress. Doll sleeves are more difficult to set in than the sleeves of people clothes because the armhole is small. It would not even close - way too small around.

I do not want to redo the pattern pieces. The patterns are printed on two sides of the paper and attached to the book. If the pattern pieces are wrong, they should not have been printed for sale.

I am going to look for the same book, only with the fall/winter patterns!

Styles are contemprary and sure to please.

I had to add a 1/4 inch to some patterns. Others which are looser cuts to begin with can be made to the exact pattern fit.

I am still working my way through the book and have not done them all.

I like the fact that you can use scraps of fabric for doll dresses and these patterns lend themselves well to that. Overall a great book if you want to make a variety of doll clothes for summer.

I am sure you could alter some of the patterns to accommodate other seasons. Once a project is complete, it delights me to watch the faces of the people who see them.

doll knitting patterns dressdoll dress
The construction techniques are simple and directions are easy to understand. My granddaughter was thrilled with the very cute outfits you can make. It is also obvious that the skirt and cuffs were further trimmed after the dress was finished and are shorter than the pattern. There are lovely photo examples of each outfit with plenty of written instructions and illustrations to get you through each step quickly and easily. Great ideas with manufacturers sewing techniques.

I have a granddaughter that is going to love this.

I think there should be a front and a back lower and upper. Hinds had corrected this pattern as she said she was going to do nearly two years ago. It doesn't look right when it has printed. Can also use patterns for everyday clothes.
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