The included stethoscope, ear scope, thermometer, and syringe help make sure all is well with the cuddly newborn—or help patch up any imaginary booboos or sniffles. The plush baby doll has a removable cloth diaper with self-stick closures for easy changes before or after the checkup, and a sweet smiling face to encourage emotional connection and communication.

Doll Costume Baby
Baby” and enjoyed playing with everything and eventually even wearing the shirt. The quality seemed good to me although she did stretch out the stethoscope within a couple of days so that it didn’t fit in her ears anymore and stay there. My non-observant daughter didn’t see the embroidered name. This was a big disappointment because they were for my grandson’s gift to his cousin on her 3rd birthday last week, only hers had no name but his did.I love that it comes with a stethoscope and other doctor’s tools too, my daughter is no longer afraid to get her ears checked at the doctor’s office because she does it to her baby doll that is included with the outfit. She loves the stethoscope and baby, however the shirt was an adult size. This is way overpriced for the quality of the product.

I will keep it and buy a better quality doll to go with it.

I ordered 2 of these and one has the back missing.

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