This is really the perfect size doll for toddlers.

I used some thread and put about three stitches on the cap attaching it to the outfit.

Amazon do to provide you the buying facts you need to make a decision?

I like that it is anatomically correct; anyone who has a toddler knows that they are very interested in learning every body part, and this a great way to teach that!

I think it also helps develop fine motor skills -- learning to take the hat and suit on and off, how the velcro works. They're just the right size, and the correct anatomy would be particularly useful for explaining a girl baby to a boy child or vise versus.I ordered it for my 2 year old to help introduce our new baby. It is not cuddly but we were looking for a doll with correct parts. The quality of the doll is excellent, and with lots of play, should last a long time. This doll literally is exactly like the description.

I was actually shopping for a small baby for car trips and traveling and this was perfect. They're the right size to rock and hold and they're not going to turn into a monster pile of huge dolls that will someday be discarded.

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This doll is clearly a proper boy and that nice for teaching about gender to young girls, and for young boys to have a doll like them and for big siblings to a new little boy!

If anything it makes the baby doll seem more real when the kids are playing house.

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