This dollhouse is built with high-quality composite wood with molded plastic parts. The included 12-piece jumbo furniture pack is perfect for 18-inch dolls to live luxuriously.

Doll Furniture Kidkraft
This sturdy house is full of fun details and beautiful artwork. It stands at over four feet wide and five feet tall, towering over every other dollhouse we've ever made. Well made and nice and big for multiple kids and dolls to play in. It's not 100% wood, but at this price point is still good deal.The graphics on the dollhouse are bright and colorful. The set needs to be anchored to a wall (hardware included) to prevent it from topping over if a child pulls or climbs into it (toddlers).

I took pictures of the assembly progress by number in the instructions (ikea instructions - no words).

I had was step 5- "k" screw really goes into the top left section of diagram vs bottom section of diagram, so the instructions are incorrect on that step.

You have to make sure you select the correct colored screws or at the end your dollhouse furniture screws will not match the color of the furniture.

You need a lot of space for this dollhouse.

Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse With Furniture Unboxing And Construction

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Definetly takes up a large part of a bedroom wall.

I would have paid more for the stairs to be wood vs plastic, and paid more for the entire item to be 100% woof, but all in all, the dollhouse is a beautiful set for the price point.

I purchased "our generation" additional furniture at target to go into the house. My 9 yr old daughter and husband had so much fun building this dollhouse together. It took them about 3 hours and you do need a big space to layout and build this!

The dollhouse now lights up at the touch of a button!

Granddaughter loves moving furniture around. She is 5 and we had to get her a stepping stool to reach the 3rd floor but she does't care at all. Great gift and the furniture was surprisingly good too. The details, the furniture, the varied play spaces are perfect for a growing child that will change how they play with the house. This only takes up a small space about 4 feet wide between her window and wall. There is a lot of value in this piece, with the furniture and picture details. It did take a little bit to assemble, but the finish product is worth it!

I was very impressed the high quality house and furniture.


Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse With Furniture Review

I have a few tips for anyone considering this dollhouse for their children. Watch and learn what mistakes I made so you can have a ...

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