It looks and sounds so amazing according to those that have tried it. My daughter just made this as her first real sewing project and it came out so beautifully, she is thrilled!

Doll Chef Hat
My granddaughters, and nieces will love them!

I have two great nieces who are going to be ecstatic thanks to you and your patterns, talents, and sharing. The problems must be fixed–downloaded and printed the pattern for me just fine. Not only did we find a free pattern but a wonderful new blog to visit!I would love to see some aprons you sew up and post them on the blog.

I could figure this out and do my own flat pattern, but really would appreciate a pattern.

I am so excited to sew this for my little girl!

The most common doll chef hat material is cotton. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about doll chef hat?

Top stitch the hook and loop tape into place.

Diy Miniature Doll Mini Chef Hat Very Easy!

DIY Miniature Doll Mini Chef Hat– Very Easy!

Make sure you have the hook and loop on opposite sides of the band so they will overlap to close the hat. Line the hook and loop up along this crease as shown in the photo. Gather the circle to fit the band, matching bias tape edges to the ends of the band and the quarter marks that you made on the band and the circle. Fold the band in quarters and mark the quarter points. Find the 1/4 marks of the circle, using the slit for one mark, by folding the circle in quarters. Use a 1/2-inch seam on each end of the strip. Place wrong sides of the band together folding the band in half on the 25 1/2-inch length. Baste or fuse the interfacing and work them as one piece through the rest of the directions.

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How To Make A Chef Hat For Dolls Tutorial Diy

How to make easy a chef hat for dolls free pattern at …

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