Vincenzio will raise his babies in a loving home and is one of our family. A gorgeously showy neck ruff lends a regal quality to their demeanor.

We breed for teenie tiny sizes, sweet, loving, playful temperament and excellent health. Kitten" that will only reach between 4-6 pounds. Some blue sky bright blue eyes, some green, some gray, and some copper eyes. All absolutely beautiful and stunning, with personalities to match.As he gets older his colors will come in more.

I start them on can kitten food, but do not send a can with them. Good start on good foods is the best thing for them.

I do not send them with cat litter in their kits.

I use clumping clay brand, and it's awesome for a multi cat household.

I use the regular, not multi cat formula.

Animal Planet Cats 101 Himalayan Doll Face Chocolate And Blue Point Animal Planet Cats 101 Dollface Doll Face Faced Chocolat Point Himalayan Coco and Blue Point ...

Also vet records may be different, due to my vet giving me different information for handout. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. Additionally, they are known for having a gentle, calm and sweet-tempered personality, but they possess a playful side as well. Along with that, they love playing fetch!

Himalayans are one of the most recognizable felines in the world!

Himalayan kitty, even if we were to have built him at build a bear workshop!

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Doll Face Bicolor Himalayan Persian Kittens At Play - Two Traditional Dollface bicolor Himalayan Persian kittens from Fuzzy Fuzzlet at play with toy balls.

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