Barrymore plays an innocent convict who escapes prison, wreaks revenge on the real culprits and ultimately is declared innocent. Lorre plays a doctor who replaces the pianist's hands with a murderer's.

Doll Devil
It is a riveting story of a pianist who loses his hands in a train crash. But it's still a sci-fi/horror classic of the 30's that's well worth having. If you love old movies with solid production values, don't pass this up. The female assistant says that she would catch the two in strange conferences.Vorelli was cleared in the death, and no one believed the female assistant's story.

Devil Doll Dies Irae (Subtitulado)

Devil Doll Dies Irae subtitulado. Colabora con una donación para más videos subtitulados. Año: ...

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Halloween Special Demon Girl Ooak Doll

Welcome to the 2018 Halloween special!

It's a huge one this year—not only the length of the video, but the number of ...

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