Peeking around the corner as you enter the doll room….. The hanging system on the back of the door allows me to hang the big ball gowns without wrinkling the skirts.

Doll Collection Room
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I also added two large wooden lazy susans so the stands could be rotated to aid in viewing all the display pieces. An attempt will be remade in a few minutes. It's no wonder, then, that some turn to curating a beautiful doll collection.Look closely to see if there are any markings or labels, such as a manufacturer name or symbol or a model number, and match up symbols in an identification guide. If there's no mark, identifying the doll might be tricky. If you have an approximate date of manufacture, you might be able to narrow down the company or type of doll. However, it can be beneficial to know the value of each of the dolls for insurance purposes, as well as if you decide to pare down the collection. Is there a serial number that an appraiser can identify?

While this doesn't mean your doll would sell for the same amount, it gives you a ballpark figure.

My Crazy Awesome Room Tour 1000+ Dolls And 1000+ Photos

This has been requested for a very long while and now I've finally done it so I hope you all like it.

I liked getting to show you guys ...

If you think a doll is particularly valuable, skip online comparables and head to a professional appraiser. Those that specialize in antique dolls can give you a quote for its value. Take measures to protect and preserve the dolls so that they will stay in pristine condition. Fluorescent lighting can change the color of some vinyl dolls to a greenish hue. If possible, keep the dolls in a closed cabinet or under incandescent lighting. Dust may yellow a doll's clothing and create a layer of dirt. Avoid storing dolls in the attic, garage, basement, or another place in the home that's not temperature-controlled. Keep dolls in containers that allow the air to circulate.

I will update this page as my collection increase (or decrease).

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~*~ Doll Room Tour Doll Collection Tour ~*~

The long-awaited tour of my Doll Collection room, including Barbie, Disney, Monster High, Ever After High, Beauty and the Beast ...

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