Chyna hospitalized for medication overdose”. Chyna’s ashes dropped in ocean months after death”.

Doll Dead
No birth date or anything will pop up on the net about her.

I dare you to google her, you will find nothing except the fact that she died just after this movie.

We have seen that before but here it is a kind of soft core flick. But the movie has a bitter story surrounding it.She starts to get dressed, putting on her shirt. Then she stands and pulls her pants on all the way up. But who knows how many innocent victims will be sacrificed, while the bloody cycle of violence finally snaps?

It knows no pity and will not stop as long as the murderer and punish his creator. On the way to her goal, she is ready to make even the most sophisticated imagination, each of the new owners. Brian decides to get rid of the body, created from a unique doll.

Seed Of Chucky Tiffany’S Doll Death

Tiffany’s death in Seed of Chucky.

Trapped between the worlds the ghost of the dead girl returns to the body of a doll, turning it into a being thirsty by vengeance. Now the failure of the craft – not his main problem. Sex, drugs and beautiful youth fail to save movie. No more suffering than throes of creation. There are a wide variety of instruments available and you can kill the doll endlessly making it a bit of an experimental physics game. A temperamental artist gets a less-than-enthusiastic response to his latest sculpture from his girlfriend; her harsh words cause him to fly into a rage, and he kills her. Her spirit begins to animate the doll and as the doll is passed from one owner to another, she lures men into using her for pleasure and then takes bloody revenge against them. This is a very boring movie, dont waste your time people!

A guy killing his love because she cheated on him makes a doll out of her. But the doll pops up everywhere and everybody who comes in contact with it dies.

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Mary Shaw Becomes A Doll | Dead Silence

Mary Shaw asked for her body to be turned into a ventriloquist doll after death. After his wife meets a grisly end, Jamie Ashen …

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