This cute little cowboy costume is the perfect way to dress up. The outfit is super easy, fun and makes for a great gift any time of year.

Doll Cowboy Hat Pattern
With the price of doll clothes out there, your saving yourself a ton of money by making your own little outfits for that special doll lover. They are made with little yarn, worsted weight. So your scrap yarn of small balls is perfect for these little outfits. Get your christmas shopping done early this year, and start making your own gifts.It's a wonderful touch and so much more personal.

You are more than welcome to sell any finished items from my patterns. Since it is made almost entirely from single crochet stitch, this is also a great doll pattern for the beginner. Repeat 2nd row until piece measures 4 inches. Repeat last row until piece measures 5½ inches in all. Attach a separate piece of thread to opposite end of last row, ch 28.

How To Make Cowboy Hat For Dolls (Easy)

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Sc in each sc around, decreasing 4 sc evenly around – to dec 1 sc, work off 2 sc at 1 sc. Repeat 2nd rnd until all sc’s have been worked off. Work without increasing until hat measures 2¼ inches. Work without increasing until brim measures 1 inch. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. At end of 10th row, ch 10, turn; skip 9 sc, sl st in last sc. Sc in 2nd ch from hook andin each ch across. Cartoons, superheroes and other fictional characters that kids love so much!

As per the demand of the style of the cowboy hat, these crochet hats also comes with short brims that are a little twisted upward making a commendable style statement!

Crochet the wide brim cowboy hat that will create a cowboy look or avatar of any style loving man or women and will also make a great winter present!

This pretty cow boy hat is so simple to crochet yourself with those wide brims and the purple crochet ring to add a color twist to the hat. The custom shaded brown cowboy hat and the shoes with the cute star pattern are just so damn gorgeous to add oodles of charm to the baby’s photo shoot dress and the picture are sure to come awesome and cute. This cool hat looks so much fun in the awesome shade of blue yarn and the white trimming of the brims.

You can combine any of your favorite two shades of the yarn to crochet one for your girl, niece or friend’s daughter as the cute gift idea for any of the happy occasion. They make the dolls eat, bath and change the clothes as they do and that is why you are going to get lots of dresses to be bought on demand, and these cute cowboy hats can ease your task.

You can crochet one with pretty colors with wide upward brims and let them style up their dolls this winter season.

I hope you guys share pictures with me if you make any of my craft ideas. Thanks for all your nice comments and sharing my videos, you guys are the best. Fits a doll head that wears a 5/6" doll wig. The brim has a slightly rolled side edge.

We will work out any problems you may have with your order. For more doll clothes, shoes and accessories.

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Diy Miniature Cowboy Hats

Hey guys!

Today we show you how to make doll hats!

Hope you enjoy!

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