The question is simple, who wears it best?

It really depends on what you want in each individual doll and what you care about in toy manufacturing.

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I bought 2 dolls ( one for each of my children and the 3rd for one of their friends as a gift). My children take excellent care of these dolls. These eyes turned pink because of poor quality used. Both have held up extremely well over the last 12 years.We are holding on to all of them for her daughter some day. December and so the doll it probably 25 years old. It had brown eyes originally and now they are purple.

I don’t like what they did recently with the historical dolls because they no longer have historically correct clothing. She has brown eyes that have stayed brown and she has the bendable body which is nice. My only complaint is that the hair gets ruined on both dolls with brushes that aren’t wire (and most kids don’t pay attention to that at younger ages).

I have not had any issues whatsoever with the quality or the eyes. The eyes look exactly the same as when fresh out of the box.

I remember the response of my grand daughters when they received their look-alikes. It is in impeccable (seriously, almost new) condition despite having been played with during my childhood and withstanding many moves and time in storage. No discoloration in the doll whatsoever – it is truly a product of great quality. Or a business that makes dolls to look like you?

Could you please tell me how you ordered your dolls?

You can still find their dolls on ebay, however. And it is blond with blue eyes just like my granddaughter. It’s adorable, but since the colors are so out there and the toilet doesn’t come as a separate piece option, we had to craft it. This way if you want more modern colors in your doll bathroom, you can just make it!

So, we did not buy anything for this craft and we only used what we had on hand. It is a unique shape, so this craft may be on the more advance crafter level. Please use supervision when cutting plastic and using hot glue. Could you please make my dream come true?

Incorporated the curvy back part of the toilet for the pipes. Now we need a toilet roll holder for the wall. It’s very easy to freehand this printable. Print on color paper to give your cube a color without having to paint it.

You can stick the metal brad in before you fold the cube and open it so it doesn’t fall out of the cube. Watch and tell us what sensory items you would add to your cube!

Do you have an idea for how i can make the crafts with a non color printer??

Ive always wanted my doll to have a pair that matches mine. Girl made a hammock, but it was a lot of money and i don’t think they sell it anymore.

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Walmart but they didn’t have the stuff i need for some crafts.

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