Take off the leotard, and place the jewel on once more. Then, using the chalk with the leotard still on, roughly mark where you want the top and bottom of your jewel to fall.

Doll Costume
I wanted a fully covering leotard with sleeves, and they had one that best-matched my skin tone and didn't show off too much skin. Lay bag on top, and smooth out any bubbles. Then, using spray adhesive, apply a thin and even amount to the top of your jewel. Once you have holes, it's time to add some color!I used a soldering iron to quickly melt 2 holes in my "jewel," one at the top, another at the bottom. You'll want to get some holes in your plate, so you can easily sew it onto your leotard. Otherwise, take some of those leftover hair clippings and glue them to the back of the wig. Depending on your hair, you might just want to bobby-pin the back of the wig up. The hair on your wig is plastic, so don't bother with proper hair products - glue worked better. Once your wig's the desired length, dunk it in some glue.

Be sure to keep some of these scraps to cover the netting later on.

I hung mine upside down, and gave it a bit of a trim. First, brush out any tangles in your wig. It's important to keep in mind that the longer your wig is, the bigger a challenge it will be to prop up and walk around with.

I did some serious damage to mine, so there's no need to get anything high-end.

I love getting my hands dirty by taking on new projects, developing unique skills and learning fun facts. Please remember we are more than just costumes!

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Let me know if this works or if you figure something else out.

I bought the hair from the suggested site, but it is a little kinked after shipping. Put the hat on the head, sew it 2 rounds above the eyes. Sew the dots to the bodice (front and back parts) of the dress. Sew the hairpiece to the head 4 rounds above the eyes. Crochet in rounds, holding the right side of the dress faced to you. Mark the next stitch as the beginning of new round of the body. Make sure that the leg ends up at the middle point of the inner thigh. Stuff as you go (the shoe is stuffed firmly).

You can attach the arms to the body in two ways: with sewing needle or with the help of your hook while crocheting the body (like you attached the thumb). Stuff as you go (stuff the hand firmly and the rest of the arm slightly). Embroider lashes with black thread in the corners of the eyes. Your little one will want to take her along on each and every journey to a magic dreamland.

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