The process was fairly painless and it went by quickly. She is kind, patient and a perfectionist, which is what you want with permanent makeup.

Doll Face Permanent Makeup
Janell's artistry in applying permanent makeup helps give you confidence in any situation knowing you look your best. Janell, the owner, is an exceptional makeup artist. She listens to your needs and gives honest feedback. Janell made me feel very comfortable and assured that she is extremely careful about sterilization and cleanliness.Janell does cosmetic tattooing full-time.

I ended up getting my brows and upper eye liner done on two separate appointments. Janell did a great job on my eye liner with wing tattoo. My friend made her appointment the same day to get her eye liner done.

I will be your loyal customer for future treatments.

I just wanted to add a pic of my brows and liner.

Getting My Eyebrows Tattooed!!!

I'm getting my eyebrows tattooed for the first time!

Microblading before and after. | Subscribe: Opinion Outpost: ...

I initially came in to see her for permanent eyeliner. Afterwards, she gives you care instructions and some ointment to put over the tattoo over the next few days. She did awesome (and symmetrical!) eyeliner wings on me. She also draws them in first before anything and makes sure you are ok with everything before she proceeds.

I can't say enough great things about her technique and the end result. Definitely check this place out if you're looking for permanent makeup.

I had a full natural color done on my lips. Very convenient and a lovely subtle look.

I can swim, sweat, and shower and still look amazing!

It is very rare for a tattoo artist to have perfect reviews.

I finally took the plunge and booked an appointment. The numbing cream stung a little and then the needle was barely felt. It was like having plastic surgery because it made my entire face look prettier. Her studio is small but comfortable and cute. She really listens and she is a perfectionist. Janell changed my life and made me feel better about my appearance and that is priceless!!

Highly recommend and will definitely come back!

Took me about 4 days for all the swelling to go down. Janell is calm, knowledgeable and her place is very clean. She is a true artist and master of her craft. She is kind, patient and aperfectionist, which is what you want with permanent makeup. No more worries about people posting photos of you without makeup on social media. No more time wasted buying, applying and re-applying makeup - or trying to remove it at night when you're super sleepy. She's fast, deft and has a light touch that makes a painful process as painless as possible.

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I can't even say how much great work she does. Very very professional love her studio very personal. Janel's work is so professional and on point. She really is an artist and great professional. Janel is also very accommodating on working with you to get the right color variation. It is getting harder for me to do my eyeliner and brows. That's saying something in and of itself.

I have my liner (top and bottom) as well as some brow fill-ins. My liner is very straight and the wings on my upper liner looks great. She was super patient with me and my nit-pickiness. She has a neat technique to make sure that you're properly numb before starting.

Doll Face Permanent Makeup

Janelle is thoughtful and explains the whole process to you before anything. Love the shape, the color and the lack of pain (yippee!). Waiting area with big windows looking out. She's talented, professional, and she has the lightest hands. The results of the eyeliner were beautiful.

I appreciate you taking time to share your experience. Janell perfectly lined and filled my lip color with such a flattering shade!

I look forward to seeing you again for more fun.

Doll Face Permanent Cosmetics

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a genuine review. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this great review.

I will look forward to seeing you again for touchups in the future. My eyebrows are on point and look super natural. Janell after looking at the reviews and her excellent work.

I am clueless about drawing in the shape. Janell if you have been wanting to have your eyebrows tattooed. She is professional and has great artistry.

I am committed to excellence in service, technical skill, and professionalism.

I remain steadfast in my determination to provide the highest level of service and performance available. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.Our class sizes are small, which means we are able to give our students individualized attention to ensure they are ready to work in the industry once their training is complete.

We take pride in providing quality education & skills, which consumers demand. These skills will maximize our graduates performance.

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