I told her she was free to come over but that she should pick out a pattern online in advance because sewing (especially for the first time) isn’t as easy as it looks.

I got out a cute summer jumper and a flannel burp cloth and got to work.

I folded over the backside about a half inch and sewed along the fold. In the end, the flannel measured 8 inches across the top and 9 inches across the middle/bottom and about 7 inches long.

I turned the jumper right-side out again and put the front side of the jumper and the right side of the flannel face to face with each other.

I pinned them together so that the top sides (8 inch sides) lined up.I cut off the excess material around the sides, especially at the top corners.

I sewed across the crotch of the jumper just above the snaps.

I had a lot of jewelry laying scattered around my vanity and nightstand where little hands could reach. My necklaces were getting tangled and my earnings were starting to disappear. Now that my third baby is almost two, she's at that perfect age for babydoll-wearing.

I used a rotary cutter and rulers, but scissors and a measuring tape will work fine.

Note the direction of the print if your fabric is directional. Pin along the long side and one short side, then sew a quarter-inch seam down the one long side and one short side. Now comes the part that seems tricky, but it's really not. Lay the long straps at the top of the main piece—stick the unsewn ends out one of the shorter sides about a quarter-inch. Do likewise with the short straps—their unsewn ends will stick out a bit at the bottom of each of the main piece's longer sides. Line them up just above the fold, or if you used two pieces for the main part, lay them about 5/8" above the bottom. Position all the straps so the're out the top edge of the main piece. Carefully fold over the main piece, or lay the second main piece over all the straps (with right sides together). Pin along the strap's ends and in-between, then sew along both long sides and along the top—just far enough to stitch down the top long straps, but leaving an opening where all the straps are sticking out. Now you should be able to turn the whole thing right-side out, where you'll see two long straps sticking out the top, two short straps sticking out the sides. Press with an iron, turning under and pinning shut your opening. To wear, tie the short straps around the waist. Position a baby doll in front, then the long straps cross in back and tie in front.

You can also wear a mei-tai on the back—simply reverse it, with or without crossing the straps. She always “wears” her babies by shoving them down the front of her shirt, so that just their face pokes out through the neck-hole. The smile on your daughter’s face is just radiant.

I am not the best on the sewing machine, but this would be perfect for some practice. This would be a great sewing project to do with my middle girls who are just learning to sew. She absolutely loved it and is using it daily.

I used an old pair of my husband’s jeans for the fabric.

I did add a slight round arc to the top, so it looks more like my baby carrier.

I finished the first one, now making another one. Thanks a lot for sharing this great tutorial.

I made one change, that was to put loops on the bottom and make the long straps longer.

DIY Baby Doll Carrier Tutorial

doll carrier diy baby doll carrier
I cross the straps, run them through the loops and then tie them in the middle.

I increased the main panels by 2″ in each direction to be sure it would work on my slightly older girl.

I am thinking i will have enough to make one reverse also!

I have mostly made straight line stitched child blanks and quilts, some crooked curtains, that kind of thing.

I looked at many different carrier tutorials, and this one looked the easiest.

I am going to make one for a four year old neighbor for her birthday.

I would definitely had an inch or 2 to the straps for a four year old. This really was a very user-friendly tutorial. Or is it left unsewn & doll legs stick out bottom?

So it couldn’t actually be used for small toys?

I made this for my little girl today and she loves it.

Doll Carrier Diy

I can’t use the safety pin trick as one short end is sewn.

I also made her a mini nursing cover to match. Took me 4 hours, with a few tension issues to sort out and some unpicking of that annoying bunchy bobbin stuff.

I didn’t sew around the edges of the straps after turning them inside out because that kept happening and i hope i don’t live to regret that, but i’m pleased i finished it and it looks good.

I also made it a bit bigger for a 4 year old. Thanks for sharing this pattern, even a total beginner like me can build confidence with. This includes bringing them with her wherever she goes.

We have comprimised and depending on where we are going, she is often allowed to take one.

Toddler Baby Doll Carrier

She loves to take them to the park, but playing on the playground while holding a doll doesn’t always go over well and usually ends up with mom taking the baby.

I wanted to make one, but wasn’t sure which style would be best. First you need to make your own pattern. I also measured on my 3 year old to make sure the size was appropriate. Once you think you have the right shape and piece, make sure to fold the parchment paper in half and cut again to ensure it is symmetrical.

You need 2 of the main panel on the back, 2 for the waist piece and 4 for the shoulder straps.

You could also cut out 2 pieces of fleece (1for each shoulder strap) and 1 for the waist piece. Once your fabric is cut you can pin and sew. Sew everything right sides together and flip out when finished. Next sew the waist part and leave the part open that will join with the back panel. Also make sure to iron each part once flipped the right away around, after sewing.When the shoulder straps are done, flipped the right away around, ironed and top stitched on the edges, then you can place on the inside of the back panel. Sew back panel and leave the bottom part open. Flip the right away around and the straps will be facing out. Iron then place inside the open seam on the waist panel and top stitch all the way around the waist piece.

I even added a second row where the back panel joins the waist piece. My daughter picked the donut fabric, of course!
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We're ...

Lastly you’ll want to cut and sew the straps on. I didn’t have the right buckles or right amount of straps. You’ll notice that in some of the photos there is no chest strap buckle.

I hope you enjoyed this informal pattern!

They ended up being 18″ at the smallest setting with the extension or 20″ at the longest setting with the extension. It worked as a backpack, but they weren’t long enough to squeeze the baby in there too.

I sewed my pocket and two straps, right sides together, turned, and topstitched.

I laid my back main fabric piece right side down on top of the straps and pinned everything together.

I sewed the pieces right sides together along the sides and top, leaving the bottom unfinished.

I laid the waist band over this and pinned, stitching along the top to combine the pieces. This closed up the bottom of the main piece. At the tightest setting, the straps together are 18″ and they’re 20″ long at the loosest setting.

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