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Doll Baby Braids
She comes with her rose rattle, just like in the movie. However, after just 1 week with my 20 month old, the doll hair looked like it had been through 3 orphanages.

I wouldn't recommend this children who like to stroke or play with hair.

I have spent hours trying to get the hair to look presentable by braiding it into 2 french braids.However, the hair is dispersed through the scalp in a way that it only looks nice with this specific hair style. There are large built in "bald spots" on the scalp that make it almost impossible to hide the balk scalp when doing the hair up. This doll is super cute and easy for her to handle. My only problem with her is the rattle doesn't rattle- it doesn't make any sound at all. My 5 year old liked it for only a day though. The little rose "rattle" doesn't do anything and is tough for her to get into the dolls hand.

Jumbo Box Braids Tutorial / Rubber Band Method

Hi love bugs this is the easiest rubber band method i know. My all time favorite!

i love it like crazy. It literaly took me less then an ...

Her hair can't really be brushed much and her limbs don't have much range.

I wrapped it in a beautiful red gift wrap with a gold bow!!

doll care restoring curly hajumbo box braids tutor 1

Doing Doll Baby Hair

Learn how to box braid(as well as style) your doll's hair!

Box Braids are the ultimate protective hairstyle!

Loved by so many, this is ...