Just be aware when you order it that the pattern will more than likely be useless.

I have other doll patterns that are far superior to this one.

I love it so much it gave me the warm fuzzies. My only complaint would be that there are not very clear directions on the hair.

I guess the clothes would likely need to be upsized, too!

It was a good read to see how her process is and the photos are inspiring and beautiful.The pattern makes a doll that is overall much smaller than the usual dolls. Trying to invert the skinny arms on the pattern, even with a chopstick, is almost impossible!

Jess is always encouraging the reader to get creative and make something lovely!

The dolls are charming and simple at the same time. Oh, and this book is a work of art; stunning photographs, it is a visual feast and very well written( not too technical). My daughter adores her doll and sleeps with her every night; she even makes her own rag clothes for her.

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Altogether, it took us about four hours from start to finish.

I have given them away as gifts and everyone really loves them!

The book gives you the groundwork to get started then you can add your own creative ideas once you get the basics down. Pay attention to the quality of stuffing you use as this does make a big difference.

I explored creative ways to make the hair using 100% hand dyed wool.

You will need to get a bodkin tool to turn the legs from inside out as they are narrow.

I had no problem with the patterns even though they are printed on both sides.

I love the concept of using fabric from vintage clothing. Not only that it is a pleasure to view and read about her philosophy behind making the dolls. Make the dolls for the children—of all ages—in your life to love now and cherish for decades. Brown explique aux reporters le 15 décembre qu'on lui a diagnostiqué une surdité soudaine en mars lors de l'enregistrement de son album. Brown l'a harcelée et que le ton est vite monté. Avec un son très urbain et délibérément « sale », l'album donne l'impression d'avoir été réalisé sur du matériel amateur. Brown souffre de dépression et se fait soigner en clinique pour addiction aux médicaments et aux anti-dépresseurs.

Custom Nina Bonina Brown Doll [Rupaul'S Drag Race]

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I am so excited to show you guys my Nina Bonina Doll!

She is a contestant in RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9, ...

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