I feel more like a hot commodity than a reject in the game development community (from my experience so far).

I definitely agree about the "no fighting".

Some girls do like fighting, but they're already catered to, kind of.

I think there's a lot more demand than anyone suspects (and a lack of high quality supply). One thing that was very apparent is that there are very few women in game development. But it just makes one think about women and games.Are there games you wished existed but don't?

If you have spare time, and want an early peek, we're gonna need some testers!

Please, sit back, close your eyes, and picture logging into the wickedest doll site ever.

I gots some programming help, and there are actually 3 games being worked on at once, so there'll be a flood of new stuff soon!

What do you guys think about the speech bubbles?

Could you maybe sometime do a how to draw?

The Tudor Women In Dolls

Google sent me a little spring bonus of its own yesterday. Also, you're probably wondering what's happening to those new site features. We're getting very close to sending it out to the testers, but it'll be another week or two. Both of those mean an opportunity/necessity to overhaul the site. Hobbits, but for the sake of the game, they use the same base body. Dwarves, who have the option to have facial hair. Gollum peeking up from the bottom of the page. In the first drag and drop item section, along with lore-friendly spectacles, are bright pink shutter shades. The styles span both fantastical as well as historically accurate components. Explore shapes, colors and patterns to create an infinity of unique, amazingly intricate outfits.

katherine of aragon by nurycat image

The creators I used were LOTR/Hobbit, The Tudors, and Hogwarts Scene Maker. All of which can be found at DollDivine.com.

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