She loves mixing traditional crafting techniques with a more modern aesthetic. As a girl, she spent summers with her grandmother crocheting baby doll afghans, making coasters out of plastic canvas and yarn, and canning apricot jam.

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Gently pull the jump ring open using your jewelry pliers, thread it onto the crochet earring, add the earring wire, and close the jump ring with your pliers. After the glue has dried, attach an earring wire to the top of the circle piece using a jump ring. If you want the front and back of your earrings to look the same, you can make four circle pieces (one for each earring) and glue them on both sides of your half circle. Start by using permanent fabric glue to glue the circle piece on top of the half circle piece.Finally, split the embroidery thread up into it’s individual strands to give the fringe a more frayed look. Use your crochet hook to pull that double length of yarn through the stitch, pull the tails through the loop and tighten to form a tassel edge. On the half circle pieces, the fringe edging will be added to each stitch on the edge, and on the circles it should be added just to half of the outer stitches.

I find that applying the stiffener to the backside only helps to retain the look of the crochet fabric better. When you are done crocheting your circles and half circles, if you like, you can give your work a bit more stability with fabric stiffener. To make the smaller size, just leave off the last row and round in the half circle and circle patterns.

I made these earrings in two sizes – the pink and red earrings are a larger size, and the blue and bronze are just a bit smaller.

I will be making these fun earrings in lots of colors and wearing them all summer long. One of my favorite things about these lovelies is since they are made of thread the way next to nothing while still giving you a fun, bold look. The tassel fringe edge just makes them extra summery, don’t you think?

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