The number of times we’ve looked for an avatar to satisfy us!

In this article you will find a selection of kawaii avatars that have drawn my attention.

Doll Divine Angel Maker
I commenti potrebbero venire revisionati nella forma e non nei contenuti. Comment, or trackback from your own site. He is pushed by a group of his classmates to go into a house that is rumored to belong to a mad scientist. Kurumi has pink hair and wears a blue maid's outfit with red trim.Kurumi largely ignores this vow, but the two mutually call each other "sister" from then on. She is the kindest, and maybe the sweetest character in the show. She is very temperamental, devious, and has occasionally shown traits of sadism. He is the antagonist of the first series, although near the end of the series it is revealed his intentions are actually of just cause. Nako is also a very skilled cellist , and may prove to one day be famous. Losing the "flight attendant leotard" look that she had in the first series, she now has curly pigtails and pants.

Angel Creator


Again history repeats itself in her introduction, and just like last time, her awakening was not by a kiss. The academy travels back in time to find the world's greatest mystic. This series has a much darker story, with no comedy or action elements as evident in the other series. The color palette is very limited except for the characters who still keep their colorful, bright hair. Corporation is the leading company in this area. He is a junior high student but he has contained himself in his room after an incident and refuses to leave.

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