I have been told she loved it and that it was a favorite among many toys received. Also when the doll turns, she tends to fall most of the time.

They give 110% when it comes to taking care of their customers.

I do think the price could be a little lower.

I was hoping to use this toy for dance time with our small daycare.

I would recommend it for any child who enjoys interaction toys.She didn't work as well on carpet (kept falling over) but did good on wood or solid floors. The doll was a little smaller than expected but it worked just the way it was described.

I had also bought her a singing microphone. She became quiet the entertainer dancing and singing with her doll. If you want something that's cute and dances, buy a beat belle, it's more interactive too. Got it for my daughter on x-mas and it was in the donation bag within 6 months.
The Puppet Master creates a Puppet when it suddenly turns evil against him. Concept & choreography @jajavankova ...

Unless your toddler is a slow dancer, dolly won't understand the choragraphy. My daughter was too fast and dolly kept falling over cuz she couldn't keep up. It's not as technology advanced as it seems in the commercial. The bow that is supposed to allow your kid to dance with dolly didn't work well. It will move, but the sound no longer works.

I am beyond frustrated and think this doll deserves only one star. Dropping it down a star because it broke on the third day after we bought it.

We will likely have to return it and hope that the replacement bow works. My two year old loves to dance and she adores this doll. Has been dancing with her for almost 2 hours. Without it, they can only press her foot and twirl the bow on her head to make her dance. She dances on her own and responds to my daughters dancing. It might not be the problem in every case but it definitely was in ours. So we changed the batteries in all three places, (both feet and the bow that clips onto the child) and she works perfectly.

I figured it wouldn't matter if she did nothing. Doll stands on her own at 11 inches tall!

They live in a fantastical world full of silly surprises. Each doll has her own personality that comes from the fabrics that were used to make her. Just put on the magical bow (included in the package), and start dancing!

It's a magical time full of silliness and surprises!

This visually-stunning, festive, family-friendly production includes more than 70 local dancers and guest professional dancers. You’ll also find special gifts and trinkets for the dancers in your family!

Gift certificates, physical as well as monetary donations are all accepted.

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