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I just fell into collecting a few years ago but wanted to know what's out there.

Doll Collecting Identification
The book is well organized and very descriptive yet concise. It's packed with great examples of probably anything from this period. Pictures and details, which really help with collecting.

I didn't realize there were so many colored dolls made.Even those who have possessed little to no interest whatsoever in black dolls will develop a peaked interest in them after reading this informative book. It further informs readers of the types of black dolls available at the time of its publication in 1992. Perkins two books are the best source of reference in black doll collecting available. There are other books out there but not as comprehensive.

All My Doll Collector Books & Identification Guides September 2016

These are all of the doll collector books and identification guides that I currently have.

I hope this helps anyone out who is looking ...

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Tips For Barbie Doll Collection How To Identify A Valuable Barbie Doll

Learn how to identify a Barbie doll by her label in this free toy collecting video. Expert: Sonja Fischer Bio: Sonja Fischer live in Los ...

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