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I love to encourage, inspire and equip homeschool parents in their amazing homeschooling journey.

I am sure that your son will love to create the worlds of ancient history with your backgrounds and bases!

I appreciate when you’ve included little accessories to your dolls too. These will be a great way to liven up our historical and cultural studies!

Just wanted to ask….because we love your drawings!Your posts are inspiration to all educators!!

That would complete our ancient history set!

Thank you so much for generously making them available for free. What a wonderful application for our paper dolls!

I feel as though you have given me a wonderful gift.

You must have them too, they are a real fun!

Your dolls are a great addition to my theater class.

I want to try your ideas with my new doll stencils. Do you have any plans to create anything for that time period?

We then hung each of the cards from the ceiling. As their character dies in the story we cut them down. This gives the students a great visual to go along with the play and has helped to keep them more interested in it as well. They glued them to a card and then wrote a character sketch of their person on the back. Thank you for sharing it with newbies like me!

They wanted to get online and find all sorts of animals and figure out where they came from.

I recently started homeschooling my four kids and it has been a bit overwhelming.

I printed off your animal science worksheets yesterday and did a fun project with them today. Also thinking about using the women’s printables for a women’s studies course. Bless your heart for all you share here on your delightful blog.

I would love to see some ancient greek clothing. To adjust shorten above and below the elbow. Our whole family/boys and girls can enjoy and learn. The left arm of your lady doll is slightly off. Any chance we could see some paper children?

Thanks for this project to work on as we listen to history read-alouds!

What a blessing to find a free printable. My 6 year old girl is sooo excited and is right now busy cutting and colouring.

I enjoy your blog so much, it’s like walking through a garden, it gave me so much joy.

We will be using them with our geography/culture study this year!

It would be especially great for the boys.

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Cannot wait to use this with my family this next school year!

We included bearded faces to stick over our neutral man and then he is totally transformed. His features are ‘neutral’ and with the different hair styles he looks the part!

The children cut out around the edges of the laminated dolls and clothing.

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